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How to draw made up sonic characters?
How do people draw all those characters, it's amazing. Can someone teach me?
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What are some good names for wolves?
I need some good names for wolves cuz I'm writing a book and wolf names are hard to think of. Male and female.
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How many different sonic shows are there and what are their names?
Well I need to get caught up on sonic, I've only seen sonic underground
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what would u say if someone said u are stupid?
plz no bad words, and no inappropriate stuff
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how do u draw anime/manga?
I just cant draw ether of them, I can never get the body and head/face, I just never get better at drawing them
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Where are the Profile Settings?
I want a new username, mine is just horrible
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How do u delete ur profile pic on feast?
I need to know I just took a picture of a toy tiger and I hate it
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What are som good names for a book plz tell me some
I'm writing a story about demigods by the way and I really need some good names I am not vey good at making up name, plz help me
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What are good names for story people boy and girl names
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