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The Sniper prefers to stay at home. They are by themselves, at almost all times. Other people just annoy Snipers. They don't really trust others, but when a relationship finally opens up to them, they cling on very tightly and never let go. The Sniper is one of the best friends someone can have - once you are friends, you forever stay friends. They however are known for looking down on people and preferring to live to his own standards, so opening up to a Sniper is difficult. They are roughly like Cancers.
on October 25, 2013
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Which TF2 character are you?
An in depth quiz to help you identify with one of the 9 TF2 personalities. This helps you identify your main personality, I may create additional quizzes to show 81 individual personalities, as a combination of 2 of the 9 char...
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on October 25, 2013