Which TF2 character are you?

Which TF2 character are you?

An in depth quiz to help you identify with one of the 9 TF2 personalities. This helps you identify your main personality, I may create additional quizzes to show 81 individual personalities, as a combination of 2 of the 9 characters.

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You find yourself often...

Creating new things.
Relaxing, possibly with friends.
Thinking about things.

Your friends are...

Plentiful, but you're not particularly close to most.
a few in number, but strongly knit.
only one or two people, but are very strong friends.

You find friendships...

Hard to make, but worth the time.
Easy to make, but not sturdy.

You see yourself in the position of a...


When shopping, you...

Act in haste and sometimes get the wrong item, or the overpriced item.
Act very slowly and decide what is best over a period of time.
typically do not purchase most things unless it is needed.

You are...

Quick to anger, but it ends swiftly.
Slow to anger, but very powerful.

When confronted with telling the truth on a sensitive subject, you...

Tell it immediately.
Tend to beat around the bush.
Not tell the truth at all.

What type of humour do you prefer?

Blunt, quick, sharp jokes, that don't last long but are funny while they last.
Humour that takes a minute to understand, but is much funnier than the quick humour.
Very light humour that is peppered throughout an incident or episode.

Assuming you have any sum of money, which kind of dinner would you treat yourself out to?

Only that of the finest quality.
A modest meal, consisting of staple restaurant fare, such as steak or ribs.
I don't really care.

Which kind of game do you prefer?

A game that promotes intelligence and strategy.
A game that promotes luck.
A game that promotes skill.

A project has been assigned and you have one week to complete it. How do you go about completing this project?

Work diligently until it is complete.
Push it off to the last minute.
Work on small parts at a time between breaks.

You view the world in a...

Positive, optimistic light.
Negative, pessimistic light.
A neutral light.

You tend to hate people that are...


You would classify yourself as an...


In more intimate relationships, you usually...

Can be quite hasty.
Prefers a more solid ground.
Prefers to enter it slowly.

People find you...

Hard to understand and indirect.
Honest about your feelings.

Suppose your best friend had betrayed you. How do you react?

You are genuinely upset by their dishonesty, and may sulk.
You brush it off, knowing that they were not worth your time.
You get mad at them and yell at him or her.

Which of these traits do you value over others?

Wit, especially if on-the-run.
Deep Character.

People view you as...

Rough around the edges, but a good person.
Happy but somewhat naive.
Awkward, out of place, and disliking crowds and other people.

You spend more of your time...

Working on personal projects, by yourself.
Spending time with friends.

Your most negative trait would be...

Your aggressive nature.
Your dishonesty.
Your haste.
Your tendency to be judgmental and selfish.
Your shallowness.
Your melancholy personality.
Your laziness.
Your refusal to adjust to social norms.
Your unfriendliness.

If you have an argument with someone, what is your typical reaction?

You tend to bail out as soon as the argument gets rough.
You defend your point ruthlessly, never giving in.
You stand on your ground, but may be swayed by the other side if they have decent evidence.