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The Senpai Confessions
Do you have a senpai? I do. And here, you can tell people about your senpai, what he did today, how you've been trying to get senpai to notice you, and get get advice from other people~ 030
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Black Butler AU Highschool R.o.l.e.p.l.a.y.
Exactly what the title tells you. Highschool AU R.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. for Black Butler! WOOHOO!
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Hetalia Lovers!
Are you a Hetalia fan? Well then please be welcome to jion this page if you are one :D You can talk about Hetalia make friends and more! But you know the rules!~ Ve~ well ciao!~
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Official Fandom Academy
This is an academy for anyone who wants to go to a fandom based school.You can choose any fandom dormitory to be in and the first to choose that specific fandom will be prefect of that fandom and the second person will be their...
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Do you get attached to fictional characters? Do you spend long periods of time cooped up in your room, watching a TV show or reading a book? Do you suddenly freak out over an item of merchandise because it is for your favorite ...
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Vampire Academy (1)
Made this because A. I can and B. I think it would be fun. This is an academy for all vampires to come to go to college, without fear of freaking out a normal human. NO HUMANS ALLOWED! ! ! ! I am the vampire in the main picture...
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Winosa Coronation
Thank you for joining us on this special event, where today, we celebrate a new Queen. Come join the celebration, post a picture of your outfits, RP a little, maybe have a drink... Hey hey NOT TOO MUCH! (And apologies for the r...
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Character roleplay
On this page you can create any chracter you want. Here is the list of things to create your character: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Props: Skills: Species: Freinds: Surname: Middlename (optainal): Looks: Also plz have a pi...
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Avenge Han Solo!
JOIN US if you want to avenge Han Solo, don't if your a heartless monster!
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This page is for people who loves anime. You can post anything that is part of any anime. Welcome! *Please no cursing.*
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Anime RP
if u have an anime OC RP HERE! if u don't then make one here! its that easy
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Put your favorite memes here for all to enjoy..booga bagga oooga gooda (didn't have enough words)
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Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's will let you do anything!Share opinions,Roleplay,Theories,Beliefs,And more!
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Creepy people page
If you like creepy things or a fan of scary stories feel free to become a member of this page.
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Horrible OCs
We all se some really bad ocs, and as an Admin of a bad Oc account on Instagram, I've seen a lot.
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The Anime Fan Page!
If you are a fan of Anime come here! Any Anime is allowed. Enjoy and have fun! Remember no 'NSFW' stuff!
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Harry Potter Fan Club!
For all the potterheads out there hope you can subscribe or be a member! WARNING UNCONTROLLABLE FANGIRLING!!! subscribe reqest anything lets talk about hp and our love or it!!!! :D <(^_^)>
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