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If you fan girl over Offenderman your crazy.
So i had just got done finishing reading about creepypastas, and i had came across Offenderman's story. My big brother dared me to read it, for an exchange of 2 king size chocolate bars. I couldn't say no to that! It was chocol...
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5-6 word Horror stories
So this is like a continuation of the last one i made but different. These are some 5-6 word horror stories i found rather interesting...
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Reader X Yandere-Chan
I finally had an idea so I'm getting it down before I forget like the dumbass I am This is my first (proper) story so enjoy ^^
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Two Sentence Horror Stories
These are some Two sentence horror stories i found that i thought had a great plot, dont judge me.
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SSSANS underTa
Do you wanna have a dunked on?! Do you wanna have a dunked on?! Do you wanna have a dUNKED--
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Why Celeste is god
This story will explain why Celeste is god. Celeste is god. And Celeste day is in many days
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Theories of Qfeast's Algorithm
Slight TW on harassment This is a story containing theories about how Qfeast's algorithm works. To be specific, their PM algorithm, who they'll listen to and who they won't. About strikes, user's past, user's offense towards Q...
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Types of Qfeasters
This is inspired by IIsuperwomanII for her types of people video and I've seen some pretty weird people.
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I don't know why but Qfeast annoys me with saying that I need to create a quiz or something.
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