Defense against the Dark Arts-introduction

This book contains the introduction for the people who are eagerly waiting for this subject.

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Hello all! You are reading this book to improve your knowledge about Defense against the Dark Arts, so let's start talking about it.
Dark arts
We can define dark arts as any magic that used to harm someone.
The Dark Arts are divided into five parts,
1.Dark spells
2.Dark potions
3.Dark creatures
4.Dark artefacts
5.Dark practises.

In the first year, you only need to learn about the Dark spells and Dark creatures. So let's start talking about the dark spells.
Dark spells

As we discussed in Dark Arts, we can define Dark spells as any spells used to harm someone.
Dark spells are divided into three parts.They are,

Now let’s find out about three parts

Jinx is the first and the lowest level of Dark spells.
Jinxes are not normally cause much harm
Jinxes are used by people for practical jokes.
eg: Tripping jinx
Stinging jinx
knockback jinx

Hex is more powerful and more damaging than jinx.
We can reverse the hexes by a hex breaker.
eg: Bat-bogey hex
Hurling hex

Curse is the most darkest and the most powerful category of Dark spells.
These curses can be attack deadly attacks on the target.
eg: reductor curse
Full body-bind curse
Conjuctivitis curse
And also there is a subcategory known as unforgivable curses.You will learn about it at higher years.

Now I think you feel tired reading these theories.So take a 10 minute rest and continue the lesson.

Wand-lightning and wand-extinguishing charm

When studying spells,you only need the following short note containing relavent information.

1)Spell: The Wand-Lighting Charm
Incantation: Lumos (LOO-mos)
Wand Movement: A counter-clockwise loop
Concentration: Low - lighting up the tip of your wand
Willpower: Low

2)Spell: The Wand-Extinguishing Charm
Incantation: Nox (NOCK-ss)
Wand Movement: A flick of the wand
Concentration: None
Willpower: None
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