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Help Me... I'm COMPLETELY Out Of Ideas! D:
Yep... I'm 100% out of ideas for Quizzes. <:( Yeah, I know it sucks. About my "Gess the song part 2" Quiz : I don't thnik I'm EVER Gonna get it finished. D: Mostly because everytime I try to work on it I get bored and leave. Th...
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RANT ON ALOT OF STUFF.  (Read Detailz Plz...)
Okay, so herez MY rant on a few thingz that are KILLING QFeast... Plz, don't get offended by them. Okay, Here we go!! 1.) ONE DIRECTION. Seriously? I Know you might like them & they're extremely popular, but, would you pleas...
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Why is everyone soo addicted 2 One Direction??!!
Why?? I mean, i like them, they're okay. BUT WHY IZ ABOUT 75% OF THE PLANENT SO ADDICTED 2 THEM??!! THEY AREN'T ALL THAT!! Also, Why doez it make Louis Sexy Just becuz he likez Carrotz??!! I Like Carrotz, doez that make me sexy...
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Why do all youtube videoz appear as a link??!!
I put a youtube video on my profile & it apeared as a link!!!! WTF??!! You used 2 be able 2 just watch the video right there on your wall, but it appeared as a linki!! PLZ HELP ME PEOPLEZ!!! :O >:O
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Do You Have a Celebrity Crush? dB
If you do tell me who it iz. >:) Also, IF YOU CAN GESS WHO MINE IZ, I'LL CHAT WITH YOU!!! >:D Thatz all. Peace. ~DJearworm
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Should I Make a Series?
So, Yeah, I'm thinking about making a seriez. But not like a love story. Like one about qfeast.... You'll understand that part later... Anywayz, what do you think? Thanx. Peace. ~DJearworm
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What is your favorite Season?
Spring,Summer,Fall, or Winter? :)
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Do you have a DSi ? If you do, can you tell me how 2 fix my L & R Bottons?
My L & R Bottonz are broken. I Don't wanna have 2 sent it 2 Nintendo. It might take a while. Plz help me! ~DJearworm
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When do you go back 2 school?
I go back August 6th. >_< Less than 2 weekz. :( Ugh...
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Is it an insult or a compliment when a guy sayz "You look better with the lightz off"?
Better w/ the lightz off iz a song by New Boyz. I'm just wondering if that soundz like an insult or complinment. Thanx :) ~DJearworm
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What is the FUNNIEST PRANK You've EVER pulled? :D
Can you have more than 40 photos?
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Do You Wish QFeast Was More Popular?
I Do. I'm like the only person at my school who getz on here. I Wish qfeast was as popular as twitter or facebook. :(
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Did Zayn Malik & Perry Edword REALLEY break up?
There alot of rumours about this but i don't know if this is realley true. please tell me! thanks. xX
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Are Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Dating?
I hope not Demi's a PLAYER. First came the Jonas Brothers. Hottest boy band around. So Demi dates Jose. Then btr came along and the jonas bros went out of style. she broke up w/ jose and dated Logan. And now One Direction,curre...
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How do i get youtube videos on my qfeast wall?!
please only awnser if you realley know the awnser. "idk" isn't going 2 help me. Thanks. Xx
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Has anyone seen "The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction" on Youtube?
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My computers wacked. O_o
My computers being wierd!! D: I was looking at a comment,and it said the thumbs up is dislike and and the thumbs down is like!! ITS SO WIERD! no worries it"ll probably be better by tomorow
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Doesn't Zayn Look Sexy With Glasses?!