Look what personality I've got! What about you?
You are a child of one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Posideon, Earth-shaker, wave-bringer, God of the Seas. Whoa. This is incredibly awesome but at the same time, a little freaky. Tons of monsters will be hunting after you so get to Camp Half Blood by at least age eleven or twelve.

As a child of Posideon, you have a sense of humor and have slight mood swings. You are seriously loyal and would sacrifice yourself to save your friends. You care about those you love more than anything. You try to make things less serious and deadly than they already are and sometimes make really stupid decisions. You have the potential to be a great warrior.

You most likely have tan skin, sea green eyes, and black hair. If you don't, that's perfectly normal.
Your powers include controlling water, breathing underwater, communicating with sea creatures, and gaining strength whenever you are in the water.

A famous sibling of yours is Percy Jackson. He's a big hero and was even offered to be a god by Zeus himself. But he turned them down. Yep, he's that awesome. You want to turn out like him, not like your psychotic brother, Scrion.

Overall, swim on!
on July 06, 2015