Who's your godly parent?

Who's your godly parent?

This isn't your simple Percy Jackson quiz. This is a quiz that gives you live scenarios as if you were really fighting monsters and staying at Camp Half Blood. This quiz will tell you your true destiny.

published on November 04, 2013282 responses 55
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You are playing a game of Capture the Flag but you think that you will definitely be on the losing side-the odds are against you. What will you do to benefit the team most?

I stick to the shadows, searching for an opportunity to
strike but I'm definitely not fighting in the front.
I am definitely going for the flag! No one can defeat me
and I'm one of our strongest fighters-I'll be up at the
front ready to kick some demigod butt.
I am the leader of the team- my strong commanding
voice will yell out orders. I'll even throw in a pep talk at
the beginning to lift everyone's spirits up.
My strongest point is definitely archery and so I will be
hidden in the trees taking demigods down who get too
close to the flag.
I will form a strategic plan and will make a move to go
for the flag but make sure I have a real chance before I
I'll be fighting in the crowd of demigods. I'll probably
take down five or six, not enough to get me recognized
or anything but enough to get through.
I'll hide next to the flag and then ambush someone
when they try to steal it.
I'll be oiling up gear and handing out spare weapons to
people who lost or trashed them.
Honestly, I'll try to fight and all but its not really my
strong point. I will probably harm my enemies by words-
after all they are more powerful than the sword.
Yeah I'll definitely be in the front fighting and will
probably go for the flag, but make a bajillion mistakes
and mess it up for the team. Hey, I tried, okay?
I really don't want to be here...what's the point? Can I
go now?

You have been picked for a quest! This is a huge honor. You are allowed to pick two people to accompany you. Who will you choose?

I'll choose a child of Apollo and a child of Hermes. Since
I have a loud, fierce fighting style I need stealth and
sneakiness on my side.
I'll choose reliable companions-maybe a child of Athena
or Demeter. I want to be with someone I can trust.
I'll choose someone way better than me! I'm not very
talented I don't know why they picked me for the
quest in the first place. Maybe children of the Big Three
or something.
I won't pick anyone! I got this and I don't need any
I'm more of a sneaky person but I use a sword-I'd
rather have maybe a child of Apollo and then a bold
person, maybe a child of Posideon or Athena.

You have embarked on the quest! Yippee! But you soon are attacked by three Scythian Dracanae. Which weapon do you fight the monsters with?

Sword! Or spear!
My bare hands!
Bow and arrow
I'd run! I just started this quest and I intend to finish it!

Well you defeated the monster and now its time to travel a few thousand miles or so to a landmark in California. How will you travel? Right now you are in Florida.

Walk! I needed the exercise anyway.
Travel in an airplane!
Boat ride! All aboard!
We'll take a subway thank you very much!
Underground's the best way to do it.

You've arrived at your destination safely! A mysterious old man comes out of no where and tells you that you are making a terrible decision by going inside and to follow him instead. You:

go inside anyway. Your not going to listen to a crazy old
go with the old man without question, putting your life
in his hands.
Question the old man first and find out who he is
before making a decision.
Lash out and pin the man against the wall, threatening
him and blackmailing him to tell you what he knows.

Okay, your quest is over, lets say you saved the world, yay! Anyway when you are travelling back to Camp Half Blood, someone runs up and steals your drachmas. What do you do?

Run after him, yelling for him to stop. You don't want
to hurt him but he just took your money!
Ignore him. Your too tired to get them back.
Let him have it, he deserves it after all!
Tackle him and start punching him super hard, then
take back your money.

This isn't a scenario question but what are one or two of your favorite physical attributes?

Electric blue eyes
Mischievous twinkle in your eye.
Perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect eyes, *sigh*
Skinny agile athletic body
Grey stormy eyes and blonde hair.
Messy black hair.
None of the above.