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Does he like me? Can you try to tell me please
Okay actually r two guys. The first one. Is Carson. I like him but only as a friend. He's really sweet. And when I drop a pencil even when it's like 2 inches away from me he'll get it! And whenever I'm behind him getting a drin...
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When will my 1st period come?
Hello!!:) My name is Chrissy, this is the 2nd time ive asked this question but things have changed since then. First of all today is my 11 birthday!!:) so here is an update. Ok. So, 1st of all if u r a boy or a perv PLEASE GO A...
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Friend troubles. What do I do!!
Ok so me and 1 of my friends and I had a fight a few days ago, she told me that she could replace all of my friends and I and she always calls me stupid and stuff. Pls be honest should I be friends with her?!:(
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When will I get my first period?
Ok so I'm 10 11 in April and I'm kinda scared cause I have a lot of sings on getting my first period. My boobs are pointy (I wear an 30 a) I have A LOT of discharge and spotting. I do get cramps about 1 to 2 times a day. I'm no...
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