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What is your favourite subject at school?
My favourite is English
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I have no idea what to do anymore
I feel nothing . My mum yelled at me just because I didn't wanna get in trouble for wearing school shorts that cost £30 and apparently I made a fuss, now Ive forgoton my school kit and don't have the right ingrediants for cooki...
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Has any youtuber read or seen something you've done and showed/ read out loud on Youtube?
I'm seeing how many people have done this. Metting them does not count
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Who is your top three undertale characters?
Mine are 3. Temmie 2. Papyrus 1. Asriel
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If you could go to a place in a video game, where would you go?
animating studio in batim
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749 people in my school has friends. One of them doesn't, Can you guess who its is?
If you get the correct answer, I'll give you a smiley face
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Has anyone found any easter eggs on fnaf
I found the Bonnie staring at me and Foxy's 'its me' on the pirate cove
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Does anyone have sketch
I love sketch! Its a good app with loads of good people
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What is your favourite ship? (1)
Frhis is life
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What's your favourite bendy and the ink machine song
I like a lot... but no one rly cares
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