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The Undertale Rally
Yep, I made an Undertale page, whoop-dee-doo. I only made this page because while I'm starting to get into the game, I think the fandom is just too much. If any of you out there agree with me that the fandom is ruining the game...
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Bendy and the ink Machine.
You know. Just post pics of Bendy and Boris that's all. Okay? Okay. :3
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here is the the town of OC's! you can make a new OC or use an old one you can buy a house take a job anything it's the town of OC's! (btw if you don't know what OC is it's an original character)
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The title says everything! guess the song... you can post some lyrics (you don't have to put the whole song just a few lyrics) and see who can guess it! I'll post rules every once in a while for new people to the page or for p...
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