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Third Wheel
~FrUkUs~ Francis and Arthur have been dating for almost a year. It's Freshman year in college and their relationship changes when Arthur finds out he and Francis are sharing their room in the dorms with an obnoxious American. A...
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A Burst Of Colour
Liberty Johnson has a pessimistic outlook on life and only sees things in shades of grey, black, and white. Quite literally actually since she has monochromacy and those are the only colours her eyes can see. Her outlook on lif...
12 reads 9 readers 4 by American.Idiot
Mystic Messenger Ultimate Guide
This is a guide on all the routes in Mystic Messenger and all the emails and anything else so that everything is easier for you to play the game successfully.
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The Epic Adventure Of My Ass 2.0
This is the story of how my ass turned into a dolphin and we fell in love. Will our dolphin and human love survive or will he be turned to sushi while I am forever without an ass.
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The Epic Adventure of My Ass
My ass has been turned into a dolphin and we fell love.Will our human and dolphin love survive or will we break up forever and I'll be without an ass...
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