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MatchMaker (1)
24-year-old Kyra is America's best matchmaker and she keeps her private and business life separate. She's dealt with all types of heartbreaks but experiencing them first hand as got her running in circles. None understands why...
15 reads 9 readers 6 by TheSkysTheLimit
Creepypasta Conversation Show!!
This is because of HellRaiserPrincess and Bing!! I am soooo sorry if I stole this from HellRaiserPrincess but it was so amazing that I had to do this!! It will be just like a show!! READ THE RULES AND COMMENT, PLEAASEE!! XD
576 reads 70 readers 51 by LexiCha
Help Stop Bullying Today! Spread the Story! (1)
HELP STOP BULLYING!! If you care and want to stop bullying read this. First off I copied and pasted this becau8se it said to if you cared. Here's what it said: This story was first posted by directioner.styles. Now our aim (Be...
53 reads 44 readers 35 by LexiCha
Republican Fight!
The final four Republican candidates duel it out, for the Republican nomination.
32 reads 10 readers 1 by Letsago