Well, hello there everyone! I have AT LAST managed to find a place where I REALLY belong to and where people don’t think I am a weirdo to have my head high up in the clouds imagining See More▼
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Could you be my boyfriend?
Hey, it's a quiz solely for guys. And I honestly hope that one of you would pass it and be my 'first' boyfriend. Answer all the questions honestly.
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Chapter 5
When I opened my eyes I found myself looking at a white ceiling.
‘Willow!’ I heard my mom’s voice, as her face appeared in front of me.
‘Mom,’ I addressed her in a hoarse voice. A knot started to form in my neck when I saw my mom. I had disappointed her. I had not followed her advice of staying low.
You have always been a disappointment, said my subconscious. No truer words were ever said.
‘I am sorry, mom.’ I apologized. I didn’t like seeing her worried. She looked so tired. It seemed as i...
on April 04, 2016
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Chapter 4
‘Stop.’ I yelled, as I stood up and made my way to the cafeteria doorway. The place where Tyler was about to be beaten up.
‘Is that you, transvestite?’, Theodore asked.
His gang members laughed loudly. I didn’t let that stop me. There was no way I was going to let a guy, who had raised his voice against something wrong, get hurt. No freaking way.
I felt the patterns appear in my hand. Red, of course. I would make an excuse for it, later. I didn’t care about them right then.
That’s what I have...
on April 01, 2016
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Which movie female lead do you like?
Katniss Everdeen
Beatrice Prior
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Annabeth Chase
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Chapter 3
The rest of the classes passed pretty smoothly. Other than Mr. Heath, no one had asked me for an introduction. And then it was lunch.
I already knew where the cafeteria was. It was right next to the school’s gym. Gym’s the class I have always hated. There is no point in playing dodge-balls, is there? The more I get hit, the more darker my patterns turn and more powerful I become.
I opened the cafeteria door and found myself lost in a colorful crowd of humans. I searched for Diana but found pe...
on March 31, 2016
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Chapter 1
Don’t interact. Keep your head low and keep them from noticing you.’ I heard my mom’s voice echoing in my ears as I entered my new school.

She said it as if it was something easy to do. It wasn’t. How can someone joining mid-semester go unnoticed? But if I wanted to protect myself from unwanted attention, I needed to follow her advice.

Pulling my hoodie up, I made my way to the reception. A middle-aged woman sat there, staring intently at the computer screen in front of her. She didn’t look...
on March 30, 2016
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Chapter 2
After the incident I somehow managed to find my Literature class. As I entered, everyone stopped their conversation to stare at me. I hadn’t bothered to hide my face after it was so rudely made to be showed. Let them think whatever they wanted to. I cared no more. To hell with mom's 'keep-your-head-low’ advice. At school, it’s all about holding your head high.
I made my way to the first empty seat I could lay my eyes on. I took the seat and, closing my eyes, held my head on my hands. I was...
on March 30, 2016
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Different (1)
What makes her different, makes her dangerous Willow Aurora has powers she must not show to the world. Powers only she possesses. Or at least she THOUGHT only she did Accompany her as she unravels the mystery of her powers with...
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