Could you be my boyfriend?

Could you be my boyfriend?

Hey, it's a quiz solely for guys. And I honestly hope that one of you would pass it and be my 'first' boyfriend. Answer all the questions honestly.

published on April 11, 201626 responses 11 5.0★ / 5

What's your zodiac sign?

Cancer/ Taurus/ Aquarius/ Leo
Pisces/ Scorpio/ Virgo/Libra
Aries/ Gemini/ Sagittarius/ Capricorn

Which of the following novels is your favorite?

The Hunger Games series
Any novel I manage to finish reading
I don't read novels

What's your favorite color

Dark colors like back, navy blue etc
Light colors like yellow, green etc
Neon pink and other bright colors

If a girl asked you out without knowing that you hate her, how would you respond?

You'd shout at her and tell her that she doesn't deserve you
You'd politely tell her that you are not interested at all
You'd agree to go out with her expecting to hook up with her and then dump her

What best describes you?

Daring, intelligent, Cool, dreamer
Humorous, Party Animal, ikind
Addicted to drugs etc, novel-hater

What do you think about this quiz?

Don't ask
It was ok

One last question: If you get 'Perfect'. will you ask me out?

I don't know

One more: How old are you?