Hey World!
Look what personality I've got! What about you?

I love Nobody! XD
You love nobody!!!!!
Hmm...Your mojo will kick in soon.Take this test another time see what you get.
on August 28
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on August 25
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Could you name all 50 US states?
Yeah!  I'm smart!
Yeah, But only because I have a test coming up.
No, I live in the US but don't know.
I don't live in the US so I don't care
25 votes 7 by AF1123
on August 24
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Are You a Brony? (3)
DUH! Why Wouldn't I be?
Um, I'm A Pegasister, I Love MLP Though!
What kind of looser would like MLP?
Meh, not for me but I have nothing against it.
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on August 24
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on August 07