Crush Test (for girls)

EVERYONE has to have a crush.Girls like boys. Some dont...or they say.Point of this test is to see what you really feel inside.

published on May 08, 2011268 responses 36
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Who you hang out with the most?

Boys mostly
Girls mostly

Do you flirt?

Eww...gross heck no!
Maybe...IDK HOW SHOULD I KNOW.....*me:Dont freak out on me*
Yes i admit it *me:Its ok im a girl*

Do you smile at a particular boy sometimes?

Yeah...he's adorible i cant resist
Nah,thats just plain wierd *me:Not even once?*
Yes i mean doesnt everyone smile at a person once in a while?


Blue and Green
Red and Pink
These colors dont fit me.

Have any twirks?

Yeah i twirl my hair or blink many times to show off my lashes.
No....i just a tomboy
No i dont think i do. Im just me. *me:Nice answer (not)*