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What is your 'soul' band?
Have you ever wondered what band coordinates with your personality, or should I say 'soul' best? Well here you can find out! Are you a true punk rocker with Green day and Simple, a hopeless romantic like 1D or an angry soul wit...
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on June 04, 2014
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You are a punk rocker down deep!
You are a punk rocker down deep!
Hooray for Greenday, The Sex pistols, Simple plan and All time Low! What would you do without this soul quenching music? They sing about love, life, disappointments, problems and everything you can and will relate too. You may seem a little depressed and quiet somewhat of the time, but generally are an ambitious and content person. Your friends recognize you as resourceful, intelligent, blunt, and sometimes out going.
on June 04, 2014