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How's your summer going? (1)
I've been gone constantly so I've decide to finally go on Qfeast and ask something to you all...How is your summer going?
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What is your favorite anime? (4)
What is your favorite anime?I think mine would had to be AoT (Attack on Titan),SAO (Sword art Online), and Fairy Tale. >^__^<
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How lucky do you think you are?
Do you think you are pretty lucky or do you have some bad luck?
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Is there a Special Someone In Your Life?
Valentines day is almost comin' to town and I wanna know..do you have that kind of someone in your life? wink* wink*
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What is the dumbest thing you have done in life?
Psshh...mine was that I tried to make a joke about The Hunger Games..don't mess with PeetaxKatniss Fans...
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Is your family..I dunno..crazy?
I mean,have they been so awkward at times and they are just like that for all eternity?I kinda don't have the experience with brothers or sisters,but I'm just curious about..people..
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If you wanted to be in a book,which book would that be?
If you wish to be in a book,what book would you be in? (To answer my own question,I can't decide either Percy Jackson or Fablehaven.I mean to be honest, the sequel for Fablehaven is next year and Magnus Chase (I think that's h...
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