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Who else saw Frozen?
My friend and I saw it yesterday. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! And I'm addicted to listening to "Let it Go"...
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Who is on deviantART?
Is anybody else on deviantART? If you are, what is your username on there?
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Who else thinks Luna Lovegood is awesome?
Luna is my fave character in Harry Potter. I also think I am a lot like her. So, who else admires Luna's awesomeness? (Do u like the picture)
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Who else is a ginger?
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What are your fave songs????
Just wanna know. I like "Brave" by Sara Bareilles and "People Like Us" by Kelly Clarkson.
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Why do people like candy?(read description before you give me answers!!)
So, I was just wondering why people like candy. I mean, it's bad for your teeth, your health, AND IT IS MADE WITH BUGS!! Yes, they use BUGS for coloring!!! I personally don't like candy. I am a healthy, picky, vegan teenage girl?
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What television shows do you watch?
Just wanna know what tv shows people on here watch. I watch quite a lot. Here is a list: -The Mentalist -Castle -Bones -Perception -Elementary -Person of Interest -Rizzoli & Isles -Royal Pains -White Collar -Psych -F...
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Who else thinks that Kate is a very common name?
I think that Kate is a very common name, in real life and on tv(commercials, shows, etc.) I watch 3 shows that all have a main character named Kate('Castle'-Kate Beckett, 'Perception'-Kate Moretti, 'Fairly Legal'-Kate Reed). I ...
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Who knows what this is?
Ok, do you people know what a 'bushtit' is? Answer what you think it is.(btw, I put a random category for this, so that ou ont figure the answer out by the category. And the picture is Bluestar from warriors, who has nothing to...
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Who else watches the tv show "Bones"?
I've encountered a few people on here who also watch "Bones", which is one of my fave tv shows. So do YOU watch "Bones"?
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Who is also an atheist?
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Does anybody else watch the tv show "Castle"?
I like "Castle". It's a really good show. It's a crime drama AND a comedy. So, does anybody else here watch "Castle"?
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Does anybody else watch the tv show "The Mentalist"?
Ok, so, my fave tv show is "The Mentalist", but so far nobody on here who I ask seems to know of "The Mentalist". It is a really good show, if u like crime dramas u should watch it. =^nwo^=
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Who else is a vegetarian or vegan?
I am a vegan so I want to know who else on here is a vegan or vegetarian.
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What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
So, I wanted to know who else hates Justin Beiber, and why does he have so many fans? I mean, I seriously don't understand. So, what do you think of him? I WANT TO KNOW. =^O.O^=
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What anime do u like?
Hi. Which animus do u people like? I like Fairy Tail. It's really good. If u haven't watched it, you should. And if u don't like anime, SHAME!!!! (Please don't take that too harshly. But anime is awesome and u should watch it i...
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Which do u like best?
Which one of these names do u like best? (These are the names of some of my friends) : Wendy, Jada, Carmen, Catherine, Gina, Adrienne, Maryanne, or Anabelle. I won't be offended about which one you choose. So just tell me. M cu...
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