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Who is best girl? | DDLC
Who in your opinion is best ddlc girl? :00 Natsuki?, Yuri? In my opinion Monika is best girl and needs more love ;;
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What's your favorite musical ?
i'm just curious what's your favorite musical/Broadway show
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where have you traveled to ?
my family loves to travel places and me and my family made it our lifetime goal to go to every country , state and continent
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what's your favorite hetalia ship ?
mine are gerita , spamano , fruk and sufin
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Do you plan to join the army ?
i plan to join the army/military and i wanna kn ow if anybody else is gonna join
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What are you gonna do for Valentines Day ?
valentines day is tomorrow and i'm so exited :)
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What's your opinion on Gerita ?
I just wanna know what everyone else thinks
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have you heard about Bullied Simulator ?
Bullied simulator is a game that is still in development but have you ever heard about it ?
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what's your Zodiac ?
just because...
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What's the best way to stay warm during the cold ?
it's so cold outside . i'm sick and i'm inside and still cold
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are you exited for new year's ?
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what's your opinion on Daft Punk ?
IDK i'm just bored XD
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What is your Birthstone ?
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what's your favorite melanie martinez song ?
i have been listening to melanie martinez alot and i decided i like her music XD
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who here's a legend of Zelda fan ?
i just wanna know if anybody else on qfeast is a Zelda fan
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what's your favorite candy ? :)
i can't choose
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what are you gonna do for Christmas Break ?
i'm just wondering what everybody else is doing
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what is love to you ?
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what do you do when your bored !?
i'm insanely bored and i have nothing to do...HELP !
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do you have a rival ?
i want to feel like i'm not the only one D: who has a rival
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