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What is the first Monstercat song you ever heard?
The first Monstercat song I ever heard was Breakdown by Noisestorm. How about you?
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Why do girls have to shave their legs?
I've just been wondering...why does society expect girls to shave their legs? why is it a big deal? thoughts pls
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If a gay photographer who disagrees with straight relationships is asked to photograph a straight wedding, should he refuse?
If a gay man who works as a professional photographer is asked by heterosexual customers to photograph their heterosexual wedding, is it okay for him to refuse? Should the couple sue? What do you think?
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Is Katy Bloom a nice name?
Does Katy (Katheryn) Bloom sound like a nice name to you? I think it's lovely. ^_^
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I want to send an autograph request to a celeb, but idk if the fanmail address is still working. What should I do?
I really want to send an autograph request to a Disney actor, and there's an official fanmail adress, but on, the last fan feedback (which is fans saying they did or did not get an autograph back) was in 2013! So I'...
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What do you think of Justin Trudeau?
Okay people, if you'll take your noses out of your manga for one second and read the news, you'll eventually notice that Canada has a new prime minister! He's Justin Trudeau, son of former PM Pierre Trudeau. What do you think o...
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Why does everyone love Taylor Swift?
Swifties, please put your "Tay-Tay" love aside for a moment...why does everybody love Taylor Swift? What are your reasosn for liking or disliking her? I myself do not see what all the hype is about.
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I like my neighbour but he never even looks at me, how can I get him to notice me?
I have a crush on my Korean neighbour, he's pretty cute but doesn't talk to anyone except his lil bro...I kind of maybe stalk him a, I like to "spy" on him (aka stare at him longingly as he walks by not acknowledg...
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What negative things do you think about yourself?
Not including physical appearance, such as "I'm fat" or "I'm ugly", what negative thing do you think about yourself (possibly resulting from something someone said to you)?
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