About tans_daddy_SaNs_da_meme

  • why hello there,i am you new gay overlord,i am toby a pansexual,and transgender (he him),i am 99999 years old....YeEt i am 16,drawing is the game,cosplaying is da wea (heh heh you see what did there...dead meme)i am da most gay thing you will see,i am a single bean..sigh.
    snap chat:tobythewaffe
    main insagram:toby_da_salty_boi
    art instagram:toby_da_art_weeb

    fandom's are:
    Steven universe
    host club
    attack on titan
    home stuck
    tokoy ghoul
    creepy pasta
    legend of zelda

    the way to summon me is to right waffles or say a really dead cringy meme or you know tag me
    tank you soon to be or already po po potato ~(-_-~)~
  • Gender transgender
  • Born on November 22, 2002
  • Lives in American Samoa
  • High School truman high
  • Joined Qfeast on April 20, 2016