While I Lost my way

While I lost my way is about a adult called Linda she is 41 and while she was driving to the market she lost her way to a haunted high school state!

published on May 09, 20142 reads 1 reader 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Setting up the house

Linda woke up at the time of 5:45 cause the big market opened at 1:09.her baby 2 year old jacky woke her up saying "wake up mum please wake up" until he started to cry.linda woke up in a angry face looking at jack with 1 eye closed and 1 with red paint at the bottom.jacky felt unlucky and cried in burst while running out of the rooms door.linda looked at her small mirror.it was so small she couldn't see her face.she bend down her back and saw the paint.she shouted "JACKY!!!!".jacky came over at a upset face and said "yes mum?"until he become crying.linda said "your not in trouble I'm just saying what is this on my face.jacky said "why don't you clean your face?".linda went into her toilet in 6:00 and she washed of the paint and then she...
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Comments (1)

Oh yeah guys the haunted school state is the street were she was lost at!
on May 10, 2014