Herofied HQ #1

Herofied HQ #1

Scarlett is an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world...right? Ok maybe if you call gigantic barrito trucks and missing busses normal. ( First story hope you enjoy as always ETSS!)

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The Chicken Burrito Truck and the Bus

The Chicken Burrito Truck and the Bus

Surprisingly the telepathic boy didn't surprize Scarlett as much as the inside of the chicken burrito truck.
           The day was going great. She had hopped on the bus in the morning the sun just starting to rise New York City in the diatance. As she slid into a seat she remembered times before. The time the police came to her house to take her dad away forever. The days she spent in her room crying her mother beating on the door when she got drunk. The police taking her mom's custody away. And finaly when she had to move to new york to live with her new foster family. Scarlett was away from thier home as much as possible. She diddnt belong there and she knew it when ever she was around her "parents the became nervous, flustered. She hopped of the bus at the first stop in the city. Even though it was early the city was as busy as always. She liked it. Here it seemed like nothing changed. People busled all around her. Most fourteen year old girls would be afraid of being in the city alone... not Scarlet she figured she could take care of herself.
         Scarlett had a favorite place. It was in a small forgotten park just a couple of trees, a swingset and a measly patch of grass. The rest was pavement and sidewalk. Scarlett would climb the biggest tree up to the tippity top branches and watch the sunrise. If she closed her eyes she could almost imagine she was home in Arizona. Save the noise and the smell of smog.      

          Jim and Jack the stable boys would be out doing the morning choures. When he saw her jack would flash his million buck smile and say, Are you gonna help or are ya just there for decoration. Sacrlett already dressed would jump the porch rail and help them feed the horses and water the cattle. She imagined later Jim and her would try to convince Jack to milk Mooey the grandma dary cow and laugh when he got millk all over his face.

        She choked back tears when she remembered that it was her falt that life was gone. Scarlett climed out of the tree and dropped to th ground. She pulled out her bag sorting through        it she pulled out a pack of sidewalk chalk. She only had about five colors left but that was enough. She knelt down and got to work.

         Later when it was almot evening scarlett finaly fininished her master peice. This time it was a tiger. extreamly lifelike it was baring its fangs at her its short mane brissled. Sarlet rubbed her left cheek leaving an orange smear and looked around no one was there. A fealing swelled up inside of her. It wasnt new but it was unexpected. "You could do it the fealing said just let go no ones watching you could do it. Shut up she muttered I promised never again.

        She jumped on the bus narrowly catching it before it left the stop. something in her jeans pocket buzzed she pulled out her phone an unneaded gift form her foster parents. The screen blinked on an incoming call from sara. Foster parents Scarlett mentaly muttered. She pressed the answer button and held the phone to her ear.
Scarlett nearly pulled the phone away
I was at the park she answered back
Sorry mrs Louario
yes mrs Louario I wont do it again.
no you wont I guess. Im just glad your safe are you coming home dinners ready.
yea im on a bus right now
see you soon Scarlett

                Scarlet sighed and slid the phone back into her pocket. and leaded her head on the window.

Wham! Scarlet snapped awake every thing was dark around her. She Grogoly sat up what was that noise. Her hand pressws agsinst leather she slid up all the way. leather seats metal handle bars yep she was still in the bus. She had a moment of shear panic where in the heck was she. Had the bus taken her to the garage? No someone would have woken her up before that happened right? She was alone the bus was completely empty. Scarlett started to hypervenelate. Calm down she told her self. calm... wait? Scarlet took a deep breath through her nose were those chicken baritos? Well duh Sleeping beauty what else would they be?
The sudden voice scared Scarlett out of her wits. Holy Bajezzles! She cried when she realised no one had actually spoken but the voice was in her head. Some how she heard the "voice" cringing not so loud man you wanna break my ear drums or somthing!? Scarlet slid out into the bus isle and to the door. One good kick was all it needed to open Scarlet stepped out into... The back of a chicken burrito truck? It was huge but clearly the back of a chicken barrito truck. wierd metal plating and pans and deep friers along the walls and sitying in shotgun was the last thing Scarlett expected to see. A twelve year old sandy haird boy playing a PsP.
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All right readers sorry in advance for gramatical errors i know thats theres probably a lot (ps that should be missing busses) If you like it please comment if you hate it please comment ( nice language please) and I would really like some Writing TIPS! THANK YOU! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ ETSS
on April 17, 2015