All about me! (2)

All about me! (2)

well I am getting a lot of people wanting to know more about me so that is why I am writing this book, hope you enjoy!

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Well first thing people ask about me is how do you look? Well I don't think that is very important but I will tell you. I have wavy brown hair and blue jean blue eyes, A lot of muscle and a nice curvy body.
Next thing people ask is what I am like. I am a state qualified swimmer and I run track and I pretty much do a lot of sports. I live in the big state of Texas and own 14 chickens 5 cows 2 horses 3 cats and 2 dogs. My bff is Gracie and we are both really good swimmers but don't go to the same school.
What is unique about me is that in my left eye there is a brown stripe but it's not very noticeable. I have a boyfriend his name is Daniel and we run track and play tag and soccer at recess together. My dream career is to be a marine biologist, or to take over the world >:) I laugh at anything my rank in my class is class clown and smart girl. I am in gifted and talented and my partner is my friend Sadi.
I like playing animal jam and up dating on Qfeast. My favorite animal is a fox. I love pusheen cat cause he is just so dang adorable! I have done a lot in my life like release baby sea turtles back into the wild. And rode a camel and climbed mt.reineer. I have traveled across the united states seven times! It was really a adventure for me. I think the hardest part about moving away is leaving behind friends. I used to live in Washington and then we moved down here to Texas. I had to leave my most beat friend in the world behind, nohealani.:((
Here in texas I have learned a lot like never to give up I learned that when I was on swim team! I have made a lot of friends and I am having a great time! princessluna1 You remind me most of nohealani because we used to fight over who was luna.:D
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               thank you
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Nice book!
on July 17, 2016