I'm so sorry, wait, what?

I'm so sorry, wait, what?

This is a We Are Abnormal AU. I do hope you enjoy it. Here, green means fück off qfeast. ~Anthony

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Oh my.

It was a warm summer day, and Max Statiche was leaning over her balcony. She was staring at some jerk who was paying more attention to his hair, than the fact that he was about to be spit on. She released the saliva and leaned back. She heard the shouts and held her laughter in, until she was inside her apartment. This douche, deserved it. After constantly telling Max she was a nothing, and would never be an artist that makes it somewhere, he constantly asked her out. And that's where he was going. To ask her out, or punch down her self confidence. She heard him storm off, and walked back out. As she glanced up, she noticed the male who was staring at her. She stared back, then, realised he couldn't see her.
She blushed, then looked down. He had moved in at the same time she had. They had never talked, nor even come very close to talking. Though, something interested her. Something about him.
She walked back inside, glancing at him as he walked down the stairs.
   He carried a staff, his eyes gliding over everything, as if he could see the items he was running his pale fingers over. She shut the door to her apartment.
   "Something about him." She thought out loud.
   ~three days later~
Max hurled the alarm clock that so rudely woke her at the wall. She saw the crack and groaned. As she slinked up, she looked down at baggy sweatpants and holy t-shirt. She walked to the wall, the tips of her ears beating up. She walked to her small kitchen island. "Today will be a bad day." She grumbled. As she bit into an apple, it exploded, and she hurled that too, at the wall.
   Later, as she brushed her hair, she felt the wooden brush snap. She let out a monster kid scream as she tossed it at her wall, with all the strength she could muster. She sighed. "My wall is ruined." She growled in a low, defeated tone. She grabbed the whole bowl of fruit, throwing it at the wall.
   It went right through the wall. She chased it out, as it crashed right through someone else's wall.  "OH MY GOSH IM SO-" she started as she kneeled at the hole. The man with the beautiful white hair, and fair skin, was naked, crawling on his arms and knees. She backed up, looking at the scared male.
  "Um?" He questioned, he was quickly turning red. "Hello?" He asked, sitting, trying to cover himself. Max turned her eyes away.
   "I'm so sorry..." she was bright red.
  "Could you help me find my pants?" Sibuna asked.
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