the story of ben drowned

Suicide dreamers if your reading I hope you enjoy also for all the other readers THIS IS NOT THE EXACT STORY it's my version however.. It is accurate to the theme so.. ENJOY!

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Chapter 1.

The unhappy life

Ben was a fairly normal kid he liked video games and he had to go to school and everything like everyone else.. But he was abused by his perents. Now at the time everyone Ben saw would worship him because his perents had a bunch of money and they assumed Ben had the GOOD life. But he didn't Ben also didn't know how to swim witch caused problems making friends because everyone else knew how.. Not knowing how to swim seems like something you shouldn't get bullied for.. It's amazing what people like and don't like these days. Ben had no friends and did not know how to make any and his aunt and uncle were the only people who cared just a little they sent gifts and sometimes there would be a lollipop or a new shirt in the box for Ben but that's about it. Ben also wasn't fond of reading or anything he liked video games he was a hacker too. He loved the legend of Zelda but hated link when he went to school he would instead of homework think of new ways to torture link when he got home. There was a few kids who admired Ben slightly for liking video games but they never made freinds with Ben was also made fun of for liking video games by the local "haters" in his school.
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Again. Thanks for reading!
on September 15, 2016
I hope you enjoyed! If you have any ideas for another story or a part 2 then comment below

Thanks for reading!

on September 14, 2016