The colton saga

The epic tail of henry facing of in the ultimate battle against the evil forces of Klein

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Chapter 1.

Saturn Sayan

Colton Suffered from severe amnesia
Not knowing who he was and being stranded in the desert he walked for several days
Eventually he found an old diner
when he arrived he found an intense situation under way
It was a duel between colton’s clone and henry
Quickly colton realized that henry had wiped his mind to stop him from realizing his true power
So colton joined his clone in the battle to deal with the changing odds henry was forced to go super sayan
The diner was blown to pieces and the battle went outside
henry realizing he needed to even the playing field he unleashed his special attack milky surprise
destroying the colton clone
Colton now knew how dire the situation was he reached deep inside himself and unleashed his nazi hunter form
The battle continued and colton was forced to use his solar energy to create solid light clones
all of which were destroyed by henry’s spicy color wave
Colton now drained henry could destroy him so colton mustered all his solar energy
And finally unlocked his true potential
Klein Prophet form
Henry was no match for the sheer klein energy so we was forced to summon help he blew on his death whistle summoning from the depths of the earth graham who had died in a prior battle after colton used the powers of a litch to destroy him
Now colton was up against hell form Graham and super sayan henry
Henry spoke in a seductive voice “give up colton you’re out matched”
Colton Shouted back “I’ll never surrender to the likes of you” and began absorbing the sun for more power
Hell form Graham charged at colton to stop him but it was to late he had too much power and destroyed hell form graham with one Hellzone grenade
henry was shocked by all of colton’s power
“Very well I will end this now” Spoke Henry
Henry Flew up into the air “I did not want to do this but you leave me no choice”
Henry Unleashed moon cracker wave breaking the moon in two unleashing the the ancient moon god Miles
Allowing henry to reach moon Saiyan form
Henry thought to himself ‘damn even in this form it might not be enough’
Colton laughed and fired his klein ray
Henry dodge out of the way firing his star of david blast
The blast had no effect it merely bounced off of colton sun shield
“No Impossible that should have destroyed you” screamed henry
“You fool i’m already more powerful than you can comprehend”
“N-NO” Henry needed a boost of power to break the sun shield but what
Soon he remembered what grandmaster ridge had said “if power you ever need look to the rings”
Before this henry had no Idea what it meant but then he realized and flew of to saturn with colton in hot pursuit
Henry ducked behind titan one of saturn’s moon “where are you” colton said
Henry called out to the soul of saturn Max to obtain more power
Suddenly the rings of of saturn tuned to energy and henry fused with the saturn spirit Achieving the legendary form Saturn Sayan
With his new power he now stood again a chance against colton’s power
The battle commenced and raged across the solar system ending with the destruction of pluto they now both flew in orbit over the ruins of pluto exhausted bloody
“give up klein will replenish my strength what will save you” colton sputtered out And then assumed the Klein pose regaining his strength “you’ll never defeat me I fight FOR MY FRIENDS”
With that Colton fired one last sunbeam destroying henry
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shit story skeletor worst work yet
on December 12, 2016