The Story Of Rainbow Quartz

The Story Of Rainbow Quartz

This story is about how Rainbow Quartz was first fused into a fusion and it involves fighting and the crystal gems and Homeworld Gems please enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Fight Against Homeworld Gems

Fight Against Homeworld Gems

So the crystal gems were in the temple minding their own business but then homeworld gems came down from the sky Jasper Peridot and Yellow Pearl but Jasper was holding something and yet it was Lapis Lazuli who got dragged with them again and Jasper said "hahahahahahahahahaha Rose Quartz you don't stand a chance against our army" Rose Quartz said "oh yeah you and what army" and Jasper said "this army Lapis now" Lapis created water monsters and Pearl said "how bad can they be"

the water monsters shot out water from their hands and pushed Amethyst back and Pearl had to summon her spear and she had a room with water spouts and she water danced on them so she practiced chopping water so she had to chop the water rods that the water monsters were shooting out their hands but Pearl's spear didn't work and then one of the water monsters shot out a water square at Pearl and she got trapped in it like a cage and

Pearl said "help" and then Rose summoned her shield and it shot out rays of light and it destroyed the water clones and Lapis Lazuli said "thanks Rose I hated that"

and Rose hit Jasper with her sword and they flew back to homeworld.
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