If Only

If Only

They told me, Ebony Tala, to never trust my heart to a human. Humans were the enemy now. Their love would make me unworthy to be a queen, but his presence makes my heart explode out of my chest. However, I am engaged to my enemy father's right hand man for a peace offering. Will I be able to save my kingdom and my forbidden love, or will I lose everything including the ability to control what hides inside?

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Chapter 1.
The Day The War Started

The Day The War Started

Rattling chains scattered through out my keen hearing as I stared at the speeding nature outside. The white bus smelled of hate, murder, fear, and body odor. Glaring my icy blue eyes outside, I was relieved I was sitting by myself. My white long hair laid on top of the large orange jumpsuit as I thought of the events that started my verdict.

Two months ago, I, Ebony Tala queen of the werewolves, was convicted of murdering a human boy, Tyler Rogers. I only meet the boy once. When I first was taken away to the prison house, I thought there would be no evidence to convict me. Believe it or not, I was wrong. Unknown fact evidence was found making the jury believe I was the murder.

I had never killed a human. Yes, I get hungry, but I eat rabbits, steak, chicken, but no humans! The icing on the cake was I had no alibi. I could not tell the humans I live in a force field kingdom with humans who are really wolves that would actually make me sound crazy. During the trial, a man in a black cloak and red eyes watched the entire time. The man reminds me of my annoying self centered vampire father.

"My lady, the wolves are ready to attack along with releasing our brothers and sisters from prisons. It will be your signal." I heard my right hand man, Ren, talk in my mind. Wolves have the ability to do that with wolves in their pack. Jumping over not being ready for him to say that, I thought about my first rule of queen, and I start a war with vampires and humans. Years of living under the humans rule along with being hurt my vampires, the thought of my mother rang in my head.

Standing up, I knew what I had to do as the bus driver ordered me to sit down. Clearing my throat, I felt my blue eyes turn dark red as I landed out a loud and ongoing howl. I will feel guilty for the human deaths, but I must protect my wolves. Suddenly, a crash exploded on the opposite side of the bus as I quickly noticed the grey wolf slamming the bus down the hill. As the bus rolled down the hill, my small feminine body slammed against the sides of the bus while I heard the blood wrenching screams of both men and women. After a few more spins, the screams stopped, and the odor of blood and death circled inside my nostrils.

When the bus finally stopped, I held my head up as I noticed a gaping hole appear in the back of the bus. Feeling dizzy, I heard the strong familiar voice say, "Well, don't I feel honored to save the queen of wolves." Shaking my head, I saw the blurry medium length black haired with a mischievous green eyes watching me. His black Victorian tux hugged tight on him as my mind finally stopped blurring.

"Couldn't they just stop the bus instead of hurting my head?" Looking more closely at Ren, I noticed him holding my favorite short white Victorian dress with white open gloves. That is why Ren is my right hand man.

"Hey. You were the one who howled. Now, put your dress on. I'll be outside." As he walked out the gapping hole, I smiled changing into a dress. Ever since we were kids, he had my back. Our mothers were close before the attack. To explain about the attack, when I was ten, vampires thought of the idea to decrease the wolf population by killing all the females. The idea came from my evil father. His plan worked and failed. I escaped with Ren. I guess anyone who asks could say Ren saved my life.

Finally getting dressed, I walked out to see Ren's dad, Gavin, looking irritated by his son. Gavin was part of my council and helped me ruled the kingdom after mother's death. His black hair looked just like Ren's while his grey eyes darted towards me.

"My Queen, the vampires have been spotted two miles away. We must get you out of here." Gavin rushed me as I stared at him confused.

"Do I need to change or what?" I ordered. Ren knew I was growing irritated over how much I was being rushed.

"No, you do not need to be fighting. Renoir, let the queen ride on your back." Gavin snapped his fingers as Gavin changed into his large black and ran towards the kingdom. Rolling his green eyes, I giggled as Ren changed into his black wolf. Walking to him, I crossed my small legs on his back like a horse, and we took off.

"Your father seems happy over my decision."  I giggled feeling the wind blow my white hair back. Yes, give me the wind blown look.

"I think he is more irritated over how you went to jail over false evidence." Ren told me speeding through the forest. From the path Ren was going, we must be going into the back of the kingdom where the castle is located.

"Nothing could be done." I suggested.

"You have a point, but come on! The thought of how we can rule under you instead of humans is awesome!" I could almost feel Ren jumping for joy.

"As long as I can be a good queen and protect everyone from him and it." I told him.

"You will defeat your father. Also, do not worry about that side of you. You can control it." Ren assured me. Since I am a hybrid of vampire and wolf, my mother's genes allowed me to be a wolf while my father's genes pushed a darker eviler side of me. A dark wolf craving the taste of blood and death.

"I hope you are right." I mentioned seeing the castle in few. Only certain wolves can see the castle due to the force field. Growing closer to the castle, I jumped off of Ren and ran towards it in my bare feet. With sticks and leaves crushing under my bare feet, I felt memories of running with Ren as children rushing in my mind. Looking back, I saw Ren rushing towards me in human form smiling with his white smile.

Running inside the castle, I saw Gavin glaring at Ren and me with anger. "Did you let her run?! Her feet are dirty! Go get her some white heels. Hopefully that will fix her dirty feet."

"Gavin, do not be mad at Ren. I decided to run on my own. How have the humans reacted to the outbreak?" I explained to Gavin as I noticed a strange agony face. Gavin was biting his lip trying not to tell me. Another council member walked to me with a fearful face. His dark brown hair bouncing with sweat as his Victorian blue tux bounced on him. His hazel eyes seemed scared over what he had to tell me. "Daniel, is something wrong?"

As the servant Gavin sent brought me my white heels, I quickly out them on while Daniel drug me to the throne room. Daniel never drags me any where, so I knew something was wrong. In the throne room, the Luna Chair sat with a crest moon encarved in the black stone chair. Sitting down in my chair, I noticed a large television being rolled in. Everyone but Ren seemed to be scared over showing me. As Daniel turned on the television, I noticed a blonde haired young woman reporting the news.

"Breaking news. Prisoners are escaping all over the world riping cops to shreds with their teeth. Addition to the cannibal attacks, some humans are turning into wolves. Also, a bus harboring the teen murder, Ebony Tala, was flipping and rolled down a hill. Everyone inside was found dead with Ebony missing. Observers said a giant wolf had ran into the side of the bus. More information about the prisons states wolves are breaking into prisons and helping other prisoners escape.. I am getting information that a video from an unknown source is being broadcasted now." The reporter changing into a full screen. A black haired man with red eyes wearing a black collared shirt smiled through the screen. Biting my nails, I grew angry over seeing my father's face.

"I am sorry to interrupt your broadcast, but I am here to help. Unlike the werewolves you are seeing, I am the king of Vampires, Lucian Tala. My daughter, Ebony Tala, or as she is better known as the queen of werewolves has shown the wolves true colors. They can not follow rules. Wolves are blood trusty and destructive. Unlike werewolves, vampires would like to stop the dangerous outbreak of wolves we have been trying to stop for centuries. Like a good father I am, my daughter has broke the human laws and must be punished. Due to her outbreak, a war has raised. Humans will decide which side you would like. Mr. President, please report by midnight your answer. Shall we play a fun game, daughter?" The video cut off as the blonde woman popped back on with new reptile skin and yellow eyes smiling at the screen.

"Come play, wolf brat!" Hearing a growl from the television, the news report shut off as I banged my hand in the throne arm rest.

"Get me a video camera and on the news! NOW! If father wants to play a game, we shall play." I yelled as people hurried to set everything up. They have serpent on their side. Serpents are deadly creatures with no souls, like vampires. Watching them scurry to prepare everything, I ran my fingers through my straight white hair trying to calm it down.

"Ebony, what was that snake girl?" Ren asked standing beside me.

"A serpent. An ancient snake like monster who craves death." I answered biting my nail.

"Should we be worried?" Ren seemed not worried over the kingdom but me.

"No, they are easy to kill." I mentioned. After a while, everything was set and ready to go as I smiled and relaxed myself. The room turned dead quiet as I saw the camera flick a red light.

"Hi. I am sorry to interrupt your broadcast, but I would like to respond to my father's outburst. I did break the rules; however, the trial was not spoken with truth. In order to protect my family, I had to lie where I was in the night of the murder. Nevertheless, wolves were enraged over false accusations and decided to show ourselves. Please think wisely over your choice. A war has started. The humans will be in the middle. Remember myths of werewolves and vampires. Who will you want for your side? Oh, Lucian, let the games begin." My speech shocked even me, but nothing shocked me more than the humans.
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