Frank's Story

This is a story about how Frank gets out of debt. It offers hope, inspiration and tools.

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Frank's Story

When you are in debt it can be very stressful and it seems like there are no solutions.

You do not need to suffer any more, we are able to help you.

Our group has helped many people get out of debt and get their lives back on track.

How can we help?

The best way is to show examples of what we have done for clients recently.

Frank's Debt waived

Frank, now retired, had been a builder, and had a dispute with his business partner.  A long court battle ended with his business partner bankrupt and Frank unable to recover any moneys owed. In the meantime Frank had received a tax bill of $121,980.   Frank's home was falling down and the mortgage was more than the value of the property.  Frank had no other assets and a tax bill he was unlikely to ever be able to pay.

We prepared a detailed case for the Tax Office and had the tax bill waived entirely.  Saving $121,980.

Frank has been able to get back on top of things and is now restoring his home.

Lyn and Graham's building disaster

Lyn and Graham have a sick older daughter needing ongoing care.  They decided to build a granny flat for their daughter so they could care for her.  Their builder took their money and failed to complete construction of the granny flat.  Lyn and Graham borrowed against their credit cards to complete the flat, confident they could recover money from the builder.  The builder went bust and Lyn and Graham were now left with large credit card debts and a large personal loan, totalling nearly $75,000.

To compound their problems Lyn became very sick and was unable to work for around 6 months.

We contacted their creditors, who suspended enforcement actions.  We then negotiated a 6 month moratorium on their credit cards and personal loans with no interest, fees or charges.  That was followed by a further 6 months with a small monthly payment on each card and loan.

At the end of the 12 months Lyn and Graham will pay a monthly repayment of $625 with no interest, fees or charges.  Savings in first 12 months $18,000.

Lyn and Graham are now able to concentrate on helping their daughter and getting their own health in order.

Its people's stories that matter to us.  Your debt may be $10,000 or $200,000.  We have a solution to suit your situation.

There are many, many more stories.  A phone call is all it takes.

Its no always a disaster - please enjoy our short video:
We can help you.

Call Peter 1300 738 188.
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