Imagine waking up in hospital, laying in your mother's arms, as you open your eyes for the first time. But there's nothing, everyone's faces, just everything... Is black and white. It's colorless. Because you see, in this world. Your vision can't view color until you find your soulmate. Isn't that quite interesting?

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Chapter 1.



        It felt great in Alec's mouth.

                The cigarette stood still against his pale lips as he took in a breath... Then puffed it out.
        "Alec!" Shouted his mother, "Again! Your 20 years old! Your old enough to know it's not good for you!" His mom swatted the cigarette out of his mouth.

        Yes, he still lived with his mother. In this world, you weren't allowed to go to college until you saw color, when you found your soulmate... His mother found her soulmate, his father, when she was only 12. Even though he passed on because of lung cancer, the color retained in his mother's eyes. He sighed, walking back into their "house". They weren't exactly rich. He stumbled into the tiny space he called his bedroom and stood in front of the bedroom mirror. His hair appeared black, his eyes grey, but that was of course since he couldn't see color.

        *FLASHBACK*   The smoke, it rose from his mouth as he exhaled. Alec was smoking again, as he stood at the park bench, staring at the young kids laugh and play. "Hey, stop!" yelled a voice. A handsome boy, around his age, ran to him. The guy grabbed his cigarette and threw it on the ground, stomping it to ashes.
        "What the hell!" Yelled Alec, "I paid money for that!"
Alec looked up at him and his jaw immediately dropped. The guy scoffed.
        "I don't think me of these kids need any effects of your second hand smoking..." Alec took a step back. He never really had friends and his mother was always working, so this was the first person he met to ever really care for other people.
        Without thinking, Alec put out his hand, a light blush arose on his cheeks, "I-I'm Alec!" The guy smiled.
"I'm Lucas."

                They shook hands, suddenly the world burst to color. He could see color! Alec was suddenly filled with joy, as if the boring world suddenly turned upside down. "WILLYOUGOONADATEWITHME!" He uttered.
        "Oh uh... Sure?" Said Lucas uncertainly. They went on a date, then another, until they were dating for a whole year. Alec even gave up his smoking habit for Lucas.

On New Years Eve, as they watched fireworks together, Alec's head on Lucas's shoulder, Alec proclaimed his love for Lucas, but then...

        "Alec... The truth is... When we shook hands that afternoon... I didn't see color, even now I still don't."

Alec's world suddenly crumbled. The color suddenly disappeared, it was black and white again. Then Lucas got up, and left Alec's life forever. Alec went straight home, his mother stood there holding a mirror, "Look what I saved up to buy you sweetie!" Alec barely glanced at her and went up the stairs. He no longer believed in love, and didn't care if he never saw color again. He sighed, combing his neat undercut, and sat on his bed. Picking up a cigarette, and placing it in his mouth. He realized his bad habit wasn't smoking, it was Lucas.

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Comments (4)

Great story.
on August 27, 2016
Damn Lucas
on June 16, 2016
Whoa. This is amazing.
on June 16, 2016
Nice job!
on June 03, 2016