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Now this is a story about that you have gotten a rare/ semi deadly disease and suddenly Eggman takes interest and wants to study on you but you have a bit a trick up your sleeve ;)

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Chapter 1.

Coming from the Healing building

You just came from the hospital having a mild but growing disease that CAN be deadly, if not treated you could die. You were riding home with your only mother ranting and worrying, while YOU were looking out the rainy window. You always like the nature but now your mother can not allow you to be anywhere without a möbian you know around.
In Eggman's Lair
Eggman was typing away in his main computer seeing what's going on in möbius then he stumbled upon the new disease and it caught him an interest. He spent the last 30 minutes searching about this 'disease' then he found out you have it and he wanted a closer look so...he went to his lab and made some crabs, bees, and beetles. He set out to find you, as for you. You just got home and you went straight to your bedroom, your bedroom was smallish but cozy. Your bed had (fav design) and the walls was painted a soothing (color) to match, you had a rug and a nice soft chair hanging from the ceiling, regular sized TV and nice fancy looking dropes. You flopped onto your bed and looked at the picture of you and your best friend Sonia, you never really had much friends but Sonia was the closest to being real family. Your father died in the fights between möbius and it's enemy, so that left your mother overworking to keep you alive since the disease you had since you were 10. You go to the hospital a daily week, although you just wanted a regular disease free life. You felt like seeing your friend and went downstairs where you found your mother at the dinning table doing daily bills, you slowed as you got closer to her then she looked at you and smiled.
"how's my little girl?" She said in her normal sweet tone.
"Uh hmm I wanted to know if I can see my friend Sonia..." You hesitated a bit
"Why of course as longs it's fine with her mother." With that you nodded and smiled and went back to your room and got out your phone from your pocket and called Sonia after a few ding a lings she answered
"Sonia the Hedgehog is here" she said.
"Hey Sonia!"
"Oh hey (Y/N or OC/N)! What cha doin?" She said cheerfully
"Oh got back from the hospital you know daily things I wanted to know if it's okay to come over to your house" you said switching the phone to the different hand.
"Yea! I'm gonna ask my mother really quick" she put the phone down and after a few yells and approvals she went back on
"She said yes ill pick you up in a bit Kay?"
"Okay see ya later" after she said goodbye you hanged up and got ready to leave...
--To be continued--
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like it
on May 15
You should write more it's really good so far
on January 02, 2016
Good so far!
on September 22, 2015