Chase x Aiden

This is a story about a tom who cheated on his mate sandflower with a nother tom his name is chase and the other tom is Aiden chase has white fur with black spots with blue eyes and Aiden is a fluffy tabby tom with light green eyes

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Chapter 1.

Chase and sandflower

Chase mett sandflower when they where kits chases mother was Sasha wich was a Luna kind of cat:) and his dad was  a black cat with  green eyes and his name was  Andrew sandflowers mom was a tabby and her name was Andy her father was feather and he was a brownish tabby the color of  chocolate.  When chase and sandflower grew up they became mates and had kits and one was named cookie wish was a boy and  the other was Alex which was a boy and the sassy one was willow she was a girl and  the shy one was may

Finally story time��
  "I-is the kits doing alright?" Chase stuttered  "yeah there fine" sandstorm said
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on February 03