The underground (a Undertale story)

The underground (a Undertale story)

Well, if you played/know what Undertale is, you'd know this story well. It's just like playing the game but reading it.

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Chapter 1.
The flower

The flower

You run in the woods, seeing if the rumor was true. People in your family didn't know where exactly you were going but it maybe wasn't just a rumor you heard. People in your class talked about if you run in the woods, there is this huge cliff.. And under it was a massive world filled with things that are quite strange.
You were the kid in the class who believed in anything, and check if it was real. You had no fear, but you were sweet. You had many friends, and you would let anybody be your friend. You were the true kid who was trustworthy in anybody.
You passed many trees, you were quite talented in your class too. If anybody was stuck on something, you'd help. Anyways, you continued to run swiftly. You didn't focus on the floor, inpatient and ready to observe this new world. You continue to run, smiling. You felt your hair blowing in the wind. You felt gravity controlling you, and pushing you down.
You screamed for help, as you noticed you were falling off a cliff. Crash!
You woke up, you realized you fainted. The yellow flowers comforted you. You remembered that you fell. You rubbed your head, and pondered. You got up, and wiped the dust off your brown jean pants. You looked in front of you and saw two dead ends. You turned to the left, and saw no path. You saw a path on the right, though. You followed it, in disbelief.
It was dark black, and purple in this strange deathtrap. You peeked in the corner, and saw a smiling flower. You wondered, how could that even be a living thing? You run to it, jumping up and down.
"Howdy!" Welcomed the flower, smiling.
You nodded, and slowly almost screamed. Although, it was a dream-come-true.
"I'm Flowey! Flowey the flower!" He said, winking as if he took a selfie.
You introduced yourself, saying your name was Frisk.
The flower took your soul and shaped into a heart. You were amazed. "This is your soul! Why, do you want some LOVE?" Asked Flowey.
You turned your head, confusedly. "Oh, love is like your level! Like a video game, huh? Heh.. Well, nobody taught you things around here, hey? Guess lil' old me will have to do!" You nod, again. Now knowing what's going on.
"The more you get of this love, your level will grow bigger! Your life will become stronger! You'll be powerful because of this whole 'love thing'!" Flowey explained.
You smile, and clap very amused. "Here, I'll give ya'll some! How 'bout that? Try to collect these bull- I mean, pellets!" Bullets come at you, although you think it's pellets. You try to collect them, like catching bright, colorful butterflies in the sunshine.
"IDIOT! IN THIS WORLD, IT'S KILL OR BE KILLED!" You gasp, you feel idiotic for falling for that.
You cry, as the pain and thoughts of your death fly threw your mind swiftly.
Fire burns in front of you. You gulp, nervously.
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