Alessandro, defender of mankind. literally meaning "defender of mankind." Alessandro, shunned by both worlds for being a hybrid, soon begins changing on his 16th birthday, becoming erou, his former and original vampire soul.

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Chapter 1.


        "Ahhh! So cold, I don't know how we are going to survive this weather." A lady said to her husband. Funny, I don't feel cold, in fact I feel great. But it doesn't matter how I feel. " Alessandro! wait up!" I turned around to face Lupe. Lupe is a wolf. I know, a human half vampire is hanging out with a wolf. But the wolves are the only people who are nice to me besides the humans that don't know about vampires or wolves. "Lupe, let's go, they will be mad if we're late." Today we have a vampire-wolf Allegiance because the human hunters haven't been laying low and are becoming a problem.
"Hey how come you're not shivering? It's freezing cold!" Lupe said shivering. which isn't right since he has the warmth of a wolf. "I don't know, I've been warm this whole time." I replied. By the end of the conversation they were already at the vampires hideout.
"May our allegiance be united." Everyone, vampires and wolves, grab there drinks and partner. They drink from each other's cups as a pledge to alliance. My partner was Lupe.
        After that, vampires danced and drink, as did the werewolves. But me, I just felt awful and there was a sharp pain in my chest as if someone stake me. And Lupe saw that so he called sete, the vampire king. The pain got worst that I fell to my knees grasping my chest trying to breathe. "Back away! He needs some air! Get him some water." Sete screamed. Servants ran left and right trying to get what was needed. As for others, they didn't care. They started the insults. "There he goes making a big scene again. And to think that the vampire king would help. I even heard him say the vampire king's name in front of him. No wonder his mother and father abandoned him." At that point, the pain in my heart stop and I fell into blackness.

        "Mother? Father? I don't have those. But al does, and because of what you said. I sentence your death." I stand up and run towards the man who said it. I wrap his legs wrapping them around mine and throw him against the table. He bang his head, while that happen I took his guns from his holsters in front and aimed at his head and heart. "You have two choices, you can apologise or you can die now."
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