The Good Dragon

Eight year old Ellis Zoe and her brother Martin Kirk go to California to pick up their sister, Elizabeth, who has anger issues and has a seriously injured arm, but the hotel they go to... It's so odd.. Join Ellis, Martin, Elizabeth and their father on this funny adventure.

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Chapter 1.

Are we there yet?

"Daddy, are we there yet?" Ellis asked "no, Ellie sweetie." Her dad answered. "Poppa! Why didn't mommy come?" Martin asked,
"Don't you remember? She caught the flu. Now no more questions! Kids! I am trying to consent rate on the ROAD! Just try and get to sleep" dad calmly said. Ellis closed her eyes..... "Hey! Ellie! Pick me up!!!! Help!" A little pink puffy ball squeaked, so Ellis picked her up and didn't believe what happened.. That ball turned into a human! "Come on! Ellis! Let's go kill Flamefless...!" The girl said passionately,
"Hey, what's your name? Anyways? "Narly! Narly's my name!" The girl said, after all the pink floors and lullaby blue Sky's, they encountered a huge dark red mountain, with ripped skys, "that must be Flamefless.." Ellis said. "Yeah, rumor has it only you can kill it." Narly said.
"ELLIS! ELLIS! ELLIS! ELLIS," the dragon yelled, "NO! Narly!! Narly!! Help!" Ellis yelled, being pulled into a rip in the sky.
"Huh? Pa?" Ellis said, confuesed, "hey, Ellie,you where asleep, we're here!" Pa said,
"Come on!" Daddy said, as him, Ellis and Martin walked in.
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