The Kits

The Kits

This is a warrior cat fan-made story of mine. The art isn't mine but the story is. -- This is the story about Cindertuft and her sister(s) Brightflame (& Blackfrost). Cindertuft (an apprentice at the time) falls in love with a Riverclan warrior (who was also an apprentice). His name was Hawkflame & he loved her & she loved him. One day, Hawkflame decides that he suddenly doesn't love her anymore. Will they break up? Or will they get back together later on? Brightflame also has the same problem with Swiftbreeze, her mate from Windclan. Blackfrost has the same problem with Foxclaw, her mate from Shadowclan.

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Chapter 1.


Brightflame's Introduction

Hi! I'm Brightflame and I'm a Warrior in Thunderclan! And this is mine and my sister's story of our lives! We meet new cats, go through terrible tragedies, and break the warrior code by falling in love with cats from other clans! My mate is Swiftbreeze, a warrior from Windclan! I love him, but sometimes we get in fights. Our mother and father did the same! Our mother is from Darkclan and our father is from Windclan.  Thunderclan and Windclan are friends but they can be enemies... 

Anyways​​​​​​,​​​​ I'll see y'all in the actual story! Bye!​​​​​

Cindertuft's Introduction

Hello. My name Cindertuft and I'm a Medicine Cat in Thunderclan because I also have an injury on my back leg and I have to limp for the rest of my life. And this is mine and my sister's story of our lives. We meet new cats and enemies. We also meet new allies. My sister, Brightflame breaks the warrior code by falling in love with a Windclan warrior named Swiftbreeze and he falls in love with her too, but they do have arguments sometimes. I can't blame them for falling in love with each other though!  Our mother, Bluefang and our father, Thrushclaw were from different clans and they fell in love with each other. I also have a crush on a warrior from Riverclan. *looks at all the awesome readers* Huh? What was that?... What's his name? Oh! His name is Hawkflame! The clans go through terrible tragedies. Ashtail, our leader's mate died by a fox and my mother almost kills my father but she comes to her senses and apologizes to him. Since Brightflame and I were taken to Thunderclan when we were born we never became evil like our mother because our father didn't want us to become evil and get bad influences by Shadowclan, the clan our mother is in. Our mother gets exiled for accidentally killing the wrong cat. 

You all know Scourge, right? Well if you do, I want you to know that I am the same height as him... Anyway, my time is up! I have to go now! Goodbye, see y'all in the actual story!
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