Mystery Girl- The Letter

Hey guys, this is my first story posted here. This is for entertainment only. Please tell me what you think of this, and I might make another one .__. Thank you, and enjoy the story!

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Chapter 1.


Dear reader,
If you are reading this, protect yourself and don’t talk to anybody you don’t know. Please be cautious…
I am not no ordinary girl, I am half demon and half angel that is hidden in my human form. My mother is the queen of the moonstone and the night creatures. She had disappeared a long time ago, but I found her. I was lost since I didn’t have my mother. I lived alone, going place to place, and learn things that I didn’t know I could do. My only friend is FM, whom I found when I was looking at the stars. He was in pain and in hiding from something. We sticked together, protecting one another. I also have a sister, who is a fallen angel. She actually died when our family was attacked by powerful force that is still unknown to us. Ever since then, she visits me every night. However ever since I came to school, I have a feeling that I am not always alone. Someone could be watching… I am trusting you to keep my secret.
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