Gaze upon you

Gaze upon you

The eyes are all I see all day all night. Nothing is in my head beside those eyes that are looking in my direction. I can feel their present wherever I go, whatever I am doing, no matter what the time. Oh the chill I feel run down my spine, my heart goes in a sudden chill all at once, and how the image I see is not a clear picture for my eyes. For a teenage girl nothing is... Hi my name Iian Rae Byung I go to school at Oshima High. As I walk to the train station after school to Shinagwa to my home in Tokyo I could feel the present of those eyes on me. When I got on the train only a few minutes passed when I realized I fell asleep, and missed my stop. Not only did I realize I missed my stop that I woke up upon him...

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His Name

Oh how that awkwardness steered up like a pot of stew getting ready to burst. I wanted so much to jump up and ask him how who the hell he was. I tried to keep my mind focused on was that I had to make dinner before mother came home. When my stop finally came to an end I ran off the train not thinking about anything. When I finally got home it wasn't then that I realized that I left my library book on the train. When I wanted to actually read the chapter I left off.

The next day when I got ready for school, I got on the train in search to find the book on the train. When I looked where I sat I noticed that there was no book in sight. I got off the train and walk toward the entrance to the school I saw him again. Only he was wearing the same school uniform as I was, but that night he was not wearing the uniform. As I was walking toward the school he glanced over at me once again my body was frozen. Not knowing what to do I ran into the school board. As everyone looked my way to see me get yelled at from the most important person in school. All the she did was brush her shoulder and walked away from me. As I lay there on the ground getting ready to get up, he came over and held out his hand to help me up. I jumped up and ran off not saying a word to him about anything. Its was if someone stole my tongue and threw it far away. When I got to my class everyone's eyes were on me because they heard of what I had done.

I took my set and sat there thinking of how of an idiot I was for not even saying thank you. All I did was run off like a little coward thinking of the shame I had put myself through. When lunch came I usually didn't socialize like how all girls do, instead I sat on the roof and thought of the world. When I heard the door open I ran behind one of the steamers, and there he was again just standing at the edge. When he turned I realized that he had my book in his hand. I was able to sneak down stares, and run to my class. When class began again I was called down to the office so when I got up to leave I walked out with shame. When I got the office I thought I was called up for the incident out on the court yard. Instead there he was standing there to with my book in his hand. The principal said that I need to thank Lee Je Kyo for the return of your library book. So with the gratitude i tried my best to not burst, and thank him. All I kept thinking was now I know his name. Lee Je Kyo...

When I got back to class I only had five minutes of class. So I took my time going back because I knew that people will be staring at me. So when I was walking back to the class room I seen so many windows I could jump out of and this misery I was in. So when there was an open window I was just going to jump. I kept thinking to myself that I don't really have anything to live for people make fun of me, I have no friends, I don't really talk to anyone beside my cat. So if this sad life ends no one will really notice that I am gone. My feet slowly went to the edge of the window, my hair swooshing out to the wind. I closed my eyes and as I was going to let go of the wall I could feel the weight of the gravity push me down. My finger tips slowly letting go I would have succeeded but if he didn't catch my hand I'm sure my life would have ended.

His body pressed against mine where we had that awkward connection with one another. I jumped up thinking that I may have hurt him. Before I was going to dash away again Lee then grabbed my hand again and pulled me back. All I could do was push him down and make a break for it. As I ran back to my class room waiting for class to end. When class was over I made a break for it trying to dodge Lee. When I ran to the train I ran in thinking that I was safe from any harm. I sat down in my normal set so I could get a good look outside. When I sat down Lee sat down next to me... The most awkward moment has appeared again. I tried to avoid him, but he was speaking of why I run away a lot, also when I see him why is it I have nothing to say to him. I didn't respond to him because I had nothing to say. When he brought up that he felt like he was being watched all the time. That's when I realized that I felt the same way, which freaked me out. So that's when I said my first word to him or to anyone I said "same here". His face was shocked that I even said anything to him.. On the train ride we talked about a lot of stuff our hobbies, friends, family, interest, etc. When we arrived to my home that's when Lee and I had to part from one another. So that night when I went to bed I dreamt about us..
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I put your story as my favorite because you did such good work.
on April 12, 2015