NOT READY!! Long ago the gods had mighty stones that give you elemental powers. Then, one of the gods wanted all the stones for his own. After a long battle the stones were lost, and a couple of humans wanted to help the gods to find the stones.

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Flint was sitting at his table. The boy did't know how to do his math work. "Who invented school?", he thought, "If I could, I would burn down every homework!". He stopped working. The tasks are to hard for him, his Math teacher Mr. Fort has no mercy. "Mr. Fart sucks!", he screamed, maybe a round Minecraft will soothe him. He wipes though his brown hair. It wasn't long but also not short, something in the middle. "Burn down cow!", he said, when he attacked a cow whit a flint and steal in Minecraft, but then he smells the smoke too. He ran outside to know where the smoke was coming from. A small red stone seat a bush next to him on fire!
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