rando mems

this is just some random memories i have of me and tylers friendship / relationship. if tyler is reading this, this is so you dont forget.

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the mems

random tyler memory 1- when i brought nikki and groof to alpha and tyler got string and executed them on ‘our’ tree

random tyler memory 2- when we had to work in partners for elar and me and tyler ditched britt and then rubbed it in his face

random tyler memory 3- when tyler pushed me into britt and when questioning why he said “KISSSSSS!” i wanted to punch him but a) i also didnt want to hurt him (its like i knew) and b ) he would drive my skull into the ground, so i just punched britt instead

random tyler memory 4- when he kept bringing his attack on titan jacket to school and he let me put it on and he said i looked good in it

random tyler memory 5- when i was at izzy’s house and we had this dog apple sauce (dogsauce) and we called tyler and ate some of it. izzy is forever known as dogsauce

random tyler memory 6- when me and him first discovered light drugs and shared it with some of the other alpha students. i swear my seeing is still impaired

random tyler memory 7- when we were calling and i sent him calebs yearbook picture (we were dating at the time) and tyler kept calling him a stupid plebeian to make me mad

random tyler memory 8- when we were on the useless web and we found the hacker typing site and showed it to everyone and the alpha teachers were kinda scared

random tyler memory 9- when i was at his birthday party and i ate 3 cupcakes, a napkin, and a cupcake wrapper.

random tyler memory 10- when we were sitting in the back of mrs collins class and he was showing me weird internet videos (mainly ME!ME!ME!)

random tyler memory 11- when i sent him a picture of me and caleb and he made fun of caleb for having braces even though i do too

random tyler memory 12- when we were in elar and we were all like “1-800-CONTACEDS!!!!” cuz we were such funny 4th graders

random tyler memory 13- when i said i only had facetime audio instead of just calling and he made fun of me

random tyler memory 14- when he picked me up and i felt more calm then scared but i didnt admit it
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