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Hey I really don't know what I am doing in my life but I was reading this and thought it was ok soo yaa

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Chapter 1.

Strip or dare

Tords POV

Y/n gets close to me and I get closer to her she closed her eyes and I closed mine without me knowing she pulled herself to my ear and said " your never going to get me tord " she laughed and got up I was still in my kissy face but my eyes was wide in shock for tricking me when she got up she went to the kitchen to get more popcorn It was really akward  for what she did and a quick time went bye then I herd a knock on the door I went to go open it and it was the boys edd said " we came back home because of Tom he was getting bored so ya we're back " I said " uh ok then what are you guys still doing outside " they all went inside and Tom was the last one to come in he was looking at me with a glare I just gave him a evil smile..


I was waiting for the popcorn to heat up until I see Tom coming in " oh hey Tom ya guys came back already .." he said " umm ya actually I was getting bored at the arcade so we all came home" I was really bored and so I was thinking to play a game " Edd , Matt , Tord!!" I called all there names out and they came over here Tom was staring at me with a ' what ' face they all said ya and I answered " do u guys want to play a game because I'm getting really bored" I said taking the popcorn out of the microwave Edd said " what game are u talking about" " I'm talking about we should play strip or dare ..."  They all look at me in shock they all shook there heads for a yes I was really surprised they actually said yes we all went to the living room and sat on the floor  and we all pick Matt to go first Matt said " umm... Tord strip or dare ??" Tord said " umm... Strip" " take off​ your sweater and only that " " ok" tord took off his sweater " soo y/n STRIP or dare " I said strip because I'm not a wimp tord said" take of your shirt" I took off​ my shirt as all the boys look at me with there red faces I was wearing my f/c bra I can tell the boys were looking​ at my boobs and I just told them to stop looking and they all look away and pretend they didn't see nothing I said " Tom .. strip or dare" Tom just blushed and said​ dare I  made a face at him because he was a wimp " ok I dare u to take off your pants" " what!! U can't do that" I said " well yes I can because....Well it's a dare so ya" he glared at me and took off his pants all the boys look away except for me I was just staring at him while he was taking them off he look at me and said " UUU do u mine y/n " I said " not at all just keep on going your almost there " I bit my lips  as he was done taking them off he was wearing some dark gray boxers " ok I'm done soo y/n strip or dare " I said strip again because what I said I'm not a wimp so yaa " umm take of your shorts/pants/skirt " " ok" all the boys was looking at me again I start to take my shorts/pants/skirt real slowly i look through the side of my eye as I see tord cover his area I smiled and finished taking them off and I was now in my panties I sat down and was looking at Edd " so Edd strip or dare " Edd said " STRIP!" He yelled as the boys look at Edd and Edd covers his face with his hoddie to hide the the blush I said " um ok take off​ your hoddie and your shirt " he look at me and nodded he take off​ his hoddie and shirt and he was showing off his smooth body I went close to Edd and whisper in his ear  " pick Matt and tell him to take off his over coat it bothers me to see him with that " I went back were I was sitting I look at Edd and he nodded " Matt strip or dare " " strip" Matt said " take off your over coat " " ok!" Matt took off his over coat I giggled as I finally see him took of his over coat now Matt said to tord " tord strip or dare" " strip" Matt said " take​ off your pants " " fine" tord took off his pants as fast as he could and he was wearing red boxers with some black I look away as fast because I saw his boner 😆 tord saw me look away he look down and saw his boner as well he blushed and grab one of his magazines and put it over his member

                                                      ~ a few minutes later ~

We were all half naked all the boys were in there boxers and I was in my panties and bra the reason why I was still in them because I was picking dare so after that it was Tom's turn " Matt strip or dare" " strip " we all look at Matt because the only thing that he had was his boxers Tom look at Matt and said " the only thing u have is your boxers soo take them off " " ok " Matt stand up and took them off we all looked away my face was hot as hell " soo Edd strip or dare " Matt said in the happiest voice he can make and not caring if he was naked Edd said strip and looking​ at me " take off your boxers" Matt said Edd got up and took them off I was still not looking now Edd was naked Edd sit down and Edd looked at Tom " Tom strip or dare " Tom said strip ' why are all these boys getting naked it's like they were planning this there whole life ' I said to myself in my head again Tom got up and took off his boxers then Tom was looking at tord " tord strip or dare " tord said strip and Tom said take off your boxers so tord did the same thing what all the boys did now I look up as I see all the boys looking at me ' oh boy' i said to myself I am here with naked boys nothing can't go wrong...... Oh wait it can tord look at me and said " y/n strip or dare " of course I said dare all the boys glared at me but then tord said " hmm I dare u to take the rest of your clothes off " I nodded and took them off I can't believe I was naked in front of boys I sat down as all the boys mouth's were open I covered my areas as all the boys kept on looking at me there was a silence for a moment but then I Broke it " UUU guys we are done playing the game we can put on our clothes again " they all shook there heads and came back to reality they all nodded and put them back on I put them all back on as fast as I could I went upstairs to my room and change to my PJs and went to sleep and try to stop thinking of what I just done....
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