A Moment Worth Dying For

A Moment Worth Dying For

One moment of fun can turn bad fast and all hell WILL break loose. This couldn't be more true for Ned and his friends as they play a waiting game for a much needed rescue. What do you do when everyone is running around like crazy undead mad men? The only thing you can do... survive until that glimpse of hope shows its face.

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I'm Only Here For The Summer

Ned sighed as he listened to his moms voicemail play through his phone. She had called him three times already in one day and this made the fourth. Ned finished listening to the voicemail and hung up the phone. Mark walked to the kitchen looking out the window. As he spotted two girls walking to the beach he waved Ned over.

"This is like the best spot for a beach house ever." Mark said grinning from ear to ear. Ned looked out the window as he started to smile too. He knew this summer would be one to remember. Him and mark had just graduated College and after all the time spent studying this break was much needed. Mark walked away from the window and went straight to the fridge.
"So what did your mom say." Mark asked pulling out a soda. Ned sat down in a near chair leaning his head back on the wall. "Nothing really just how much I need to be safe because I do have a future ahead of me. She said that goes for you too." Mark laughed shaking his head. Ned's mom always treated them like kids. She treated Mark like her other son. Mark and Ned grew up together so basically they were like brothers in a sense.

Ned got up checking the time on his phone. Jessica said she would be over around 2 o'clock to show Him and mark around town. They were new to the place and Mark begged Jessica to show them all the cool hang out spots. So Ned was waiting for her knock on the door. Just like Jessica came knocking on the door. Ned stood up almost jumping out of his seat. As he looked around Mark was staring straight at him with a puzzled look on his face. Then he changed it to a smile.

"You like her don't you Neddy boy." Mark said sipping his coke. Ned couldn't say anything because it was true and Mark caught him red handed in his feelings. Jessica knocked another time. "Can I just go answer the door bro without the questions." Ned said walking pass Mark. Mark put his hands up "Hey I'm not stopping you."

Ned took a deep breath before opening the door. He had to regain his cool composer. If Mark could tell he really liked Jessica there was no doubt Jessica could tell herself. As Ned opened the door Jessica leaped through hugging him. "Ned I cant believe your here. Like this shit will be epic. Where's Mark?" She said as she backed up to get a good look at Ned. Ned looked her up and down before answering. She was everything he wanted in a girl and to think he could probably make his move tonight. Mark came busting in scooping up Jessica like his bride "I'm right here baby" He said in a put on hero voice.

Jessica giggled as he spun her around. Ned looked at Mark and Mark suddenly remembered. As he placed Jessica on her feet and turned to her and bluntly said "Ned likes you so...yea" He said before patting Ned on the shoulder and walking to the coat rack. Jessica laughed looking at Ned in unison they both "He's such a liar".  Mark jingled his keys to his new Jeep. Jessica ran out the door saying "I call shotgun." Ned grabbed his coat and before walking out the door punched Mark in the chest. Mark let out a silent ouch before closing the front door.


"Dude remember when we all skipped school because we wanted to be first in line for the slashed video game." Jessica said turning around in her seat to face Ned. Mark and Ned laughed as she went on and on about that day. The memories always seemed to make them laugh even the bad ones. The three friends all grew up together and all were there for each other during the bad times and the good. Ned didn't care if he didn't get to do all he wanted this summer. Just being with his friends made it all worth it.

Jessica went to college in California leaving the guys in her hometown. When she left it put a big empty spot in all the adventures Ned and Mark had to go alone. Jessica made it her duty to always come back to their hometown when she had the time. With them finally graduating and lots of time on their hands for now, The crew was back together. Jessica turned around in her seat laughing at all the crazy things they did. Mark saw a couple of girls walking down the sidewalk in bikinis and all his attention was gone. A girl with long black hair caught his eye. He rolled down the window and called to her "Hey yo can I get on of those". The girl noticed him and ran over going to the driver side window.

"Hi im Mark" He said grabbing the paper smiling. The girl smirked a little she knew what this was about but it was expected. She spoke up pointing at the flyer "Its a flyer for a new club that's opening tonight. Ladies get in free. You should come."

Jessica took the flyer from Mark "Yea sure we'll be there sounds fun".

The girl started to walk away from the car but Mark stopped her "Hey that's rude you know you never told me your name."
"The names Necole...Mark" She smiled then ran back to the other girls.

Mark drove off smiling with the thought of Necole being there at the club tonight. Jessica looked at the flyer pointing out the address "I know where this is. Looks nice on the pictures.". Ned scooted up in his seat "Let me see. Wow it does, Im down to hit the club tonight."

Ned hit Mark on the shoulder "And I know your defiantly down to go". Mark shook his head "It ain't a party without Markey".
Jessica rolled her eyes as she  turned up the volume on the radio.


Later that night the gang showed up at the club. Jessica sighed when she seen the line. It was so long it wrapped around the building almost. Ned and Mark figured this would happen because Jessica took so long to get ready. Just as the line finally seemed to get shorter the door man latched the velvet ropes as he announced the club couldn't take anymore people.  Jessica looked at the two and pouted a little knowing it was her fault "I'm sorry you guys". Mark and Ned just hutched their shoulders. They didn't want to blame it on Jessica. They knew how she got at times when she knew something was her fault.

Ned, Mark, and Jessica talked in a little circle as they figured out what they would do with a night so young as this.
"How about we just go to another club." Ned said as he leaned on the bricks of the club.

Mark shook his head then said "What about we go to the beach? I mean it's right in our back yard. We could throw a kick ass bonfire get drunk. I could play my guitar. I know Jess has a sick bag of weed some where."

Mark and Jessica laughed at the idea but they both wouldn't mind doing it. Jessica patted Mark on the back "Good idea. the most sense you have made since you got here."
Ned shook his head agreeing. Then he remembered the real reason Mark was so amped to go anyway.

"And your ok not meeting that girl?" Ned said as he looked at Mark sideways. Mark never gave up a chance on a potential date. Mark just shrugged his shoulders as he put his hands in his pockets.

"Maybe it wasn't meant to be" He said jokingly as he pretended to be upset. Jessica and Ned walked ahead a little as they laughed at Mark. Just as they got ready to turn the corner. Mark heard a familiar voice. He stalled for a minute as he thought this couldn't be who he thought it was. As he turned around there Necole was standing talking to the bouncer as he opened the door for her.

"Ok thanks. Make sure Naomi doesn't drink to much you know how she gets Todd". Necole said as she smiled and waved good-bye. Mark walked up to her casual as if he just wasn't awing over her and how she looked.

"Necole right? I meet you this morning at the light" He said as he stood there as cool as he could be. Necole smiled snapping her fingers as she remembered him and his name.

"Mark right, yeah...yeah I remember that smile." Necole said as she crossed her arms over her chest. Jessica and Ned watched Mark from a couple of blocks up. Jessica shook her head "Another one bites the dust."

Ned smiled "How do you know? She hasn't even did anything to even give a hit she's into him. Most likely she's just being nice to him. Doesn't mean she wants to sleep with him or date him."

Jessica held out her pinky "How much you wanna bet she's coming with us to chill". Ned linked his pinky with hers as he set an amount "5 dollars and loser has to tell a secret."

Jessica squinted her eyes a little bit as she thought about the stakes in her head. She finally said yes and they both kissed their thumb to seal the deal. It only took five minutes before Mark was walking their way with Necole just at his side. Jessica looked at Ned and smirked as they walked to the car. Mark introduced Necole to everyone again as they walked. Jessica introduced herself and so did Ned.

Ned walked on the side of Jessica as he secretly admired what she had on. He liked when Jessica dressed herself up. He was use to her in jeans and sneakers. She was one of the boys but Ned looked at her as more then that. He looked at her as a girlfriend he always wanted. He never felt this way about her until a year ago. He wanted to tell her but he didn't want their friendship to be in jeopardy. As Ned was in his thoughts he could hear Mark calling him.

"Yo Ned. Where are you going the cars over here" Mark said as everyone was standing by his jeep. Ned looked around to see he had walked a car ahead of them. He was so into his thoughts he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. Everyone laughed as Ned walked to the car and got in. Mark started the car and they were off to Ned and he's condo. As they drove Jessica and Necole talked.  

"So Necole do you live here or no?" Jessica said as she checked her social media apps on her phone.

Necole shook her head "No, I'm here to support my sister. She's the one who owns the club. I'm from Georgia."

"I think that's why Mark likes you. He's into chicks with a little something unique to them." Jessica said as she picked on Mark. Mark smirked because what she was saying was true. It was something about woman with accents turned him on but he knew it was something else about Necole that made him gravitate toward her. He didn't know what it was but he just had a hunch.
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