My creepypasta

It’s shortish and some words are repeated but I guess it’s goo dunno 🤷‍♀️

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Chapter 1.

The beginning

Hi, my name is Annebeth Mars I am 13 years old, I live in Los Angeles, California with my mom, dad, two sisters Taylor and Layla , and one brother Asher. What happened to me would be a big shocker to anyone, let’s get on with the story. The day started like any other day but what most people don’t know is that my dad is always mad and he abuses me, my siblings, and my mom. And sometimes he’ll come home with another person and kick my mom out. And when I go to school I wear a mask to cover all my wounds I get in fights a lot with teachers and students. Some people say “I’m emotionless,” and some say “that I’m a bad girl who just wants to fight,” and only one of those things are true I am emotionless but the one thing that gets me in trouble is what some people call being psychotic and evil. One day as I was waiting for my bus to come as I do everyday, three people out of the blue came up to me and start punching me I knew who they were automatically they were the bully’s at school who pick on me all the time and you might be thinking “were” what is that supposed to mean, well what happened, was that when they where punching me (if you know Jeff the killers story you’ll understand this) I felt like everything had to go and what happened next, I wish never happened, I started to beat them then I found a dudes pocket knife and stabbed one of them before I got to the others they reliesed that they messed with the wrong person and ran to school screaming and crying, and of course I had to go to school and after- wards,  I went home and it wasn’t the best thing that could have happened first thing that I see when I get home. I saw my mom screaming at my dad to help her but he just stood their dumb founded

       He asked” What is the meaning of this intrusion and do you even have a warrant for just coming into my house and arresting my wife!!??”

           And one of the officers came up to him and as showing him the warrant and his F.B.I badge, saying,

         ” Your wife murdered a child with a 1/2 inch knife.”

         I would have said it was me but I was to stunned and my mom was a telepath and of course my dad didn’t know so she said *don’t say anything it will just make things worse* so I just went to my room slowly while weeping , and as I was laying in my bed, I was wondering,” *why did I have that weirdly odd sensation in my body*. And as I lay their I over heard voices saying that my hair went black with red tips when I’m blonde with blue tips! and my eyes went from grey blue( grey cause emotionless) to black with hints of a silvery and gold highlights. Then they said the unthinkable I looked like a demon with red and black wings! That’s when I was shocked, and I slowly felt my eyes closing so I just let them close, thinking it was all just a bad dream and when I woke up it was like waking up in a good nightmare...
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