Secrets (Masky x Reader)

Secrets (Masky x Reader)

Popular, known, loved and adored. This is what your life was and everyone thought you were happy. You had great friends, uninvolved parents, and a very amazing future ahead of you. But, no one knew how much you were broken. But one night changed your life. Who would’ve known your kidnapper would know more about your parents than you?

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Chapter 1.
Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Reader's POV

Wake up
Wash face and brush teeth
Get dressed
Do Hair
Go to school
Hang out with friends
Do classwork
Get home
Do homework
Hang out with friends again
Come home
Be with family
Eat with family
Go to the bedroom

This was my life every day and everyone is happy like this. No one wants anything to change but I do. I don't like my life at all even though it sounds nice.

I am the only child in my family which is supposed to be a good thing for most cases but, for me, it really isn't. I don't get attention at all from my parents. They work a lot and are always out of town, state or even sometimes country! They work in the Secret Service which is like a pretty big deal and make good money. But, the thing is that we don't bond at all. The only time we talk is when it's dinner time. Plus, they even forget they have a daughter which is really flipped up and they also never been there for my birthday ever or for my promotion for elementary or even middle school.

Running away has come to my mind a lot at times and well I have done it and instead of receiving a parent's sudden panic and fears I got nothing. I spent two weeks at a motel waiting to see if my parents were actually caring enough to realize that I was gone but, they never came to check up on me. I went back home and pretended that nothing happened.

“Hey, earth to (y/n).” said a voice

I looked up to see my friend (f/n).

“Bro, you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m just thinking.”
“Just life things, nothing bad though.”
“Okay, well, the group and I are going to the football game later today if you wanna come.”
“Umm, no thanks I have to do that essay for MacLeod.”
“Oof, alright then good luck.”
“Thanks, bye.”
“Yeah bye.”

I walk out of the school feeling a bit stupid that I spaced out. It’s just that all this stress and disappointment of my parents and all is just really getting to me.

After a few blocks of walking, I come to my home.

I unlock the door and go to the kitchen.

I walk towards the fridge and see a note hanging.
        Dear (n/y/n),

Hey, honey, your mom and I are going to be gone for a couple of months. Something big came upon our case. Some crazy group serial killers are terrorizing the state. Anywho sweetie please be safe.

                Love, your Father & Mother


Well, at least I won’t be bothered by anyone. I thought.

I open the fridge and see that there is food but no the food I’m craving. Sighing I get my phone out and order a pizza.

While I waited I took a shower and started doing my homework. Once I finished my homework I heard the doorbell ring. I put on my black slippers and black sweater to try to look a bit decent because well I was wearing a red tank top and red shorts. Well, whatever I really don’t care. I make my way towards the front door but I hear a thud coming from the kitchen.

Confused I look over across and see that the window is open.
Huh? That wasn’t opened when I came home, I thought.

As I was going to to go in and investigate what made that sound the doorbell rung again.

Groaning I went and opened the door but before I did I looked through the peephole. When I did I saw the delivery guy and he was unusual. He was wearing a ski mask with an orange jacket. It was a weird sight but I really just wanted my pizza so I opened the door and smiled.

“Hello here’s your pizza,” he said nervously.

Well, maybe it’s his first time doing this.

“Thanks, how much is it again?” I asked getting the pizza.

I looked at him and smiled softly. “My bill.”

“Oh, yes right it’s $15.”

Wow, he really is nervous well I should just tip him. So I get the 15 dollars and a 20 dollar bill to it.

“Here you go, man.”
“Thank you,” he says leaving quickly.

I didn’t mind that he ran with the money. He looked nervous so it didn’t really bother me.  

I closed the door and went to my room with the pizza. I open up my laptop and finish doing my homework. Once I was done with it I opened up a new tab and go to Netflix. I pick (f/s) and start watching it.

After a few episodes, I go downstairs to the kitchen to get some soda. As I pour it I hear rustling from outside. I ignore it knowing it might just be squirrels. I put the bottle away and head towards my room. I sit back on my bed and I drink my soda finish eating my pizza.

Something isn’t right, I think.


I jump up and right when I do the lights go out. I'm scared but I know that I have to calm down. I go through my drawer and get a flashlight. I put my jacket on and get a bat from my closet. I start making my way out my room

Once I’m in the hallway outside my room I start making my way down the stairs.

You are honestly being so stupid (Y/n).

As I walk I hear footsteps that aren’t mine. I walk fast but quietly down the stairs and that’s when I see two shadows.

“You are so stupid Hoodie,” said one.
“I’m sorr-y I didn’t think it’ll b-b-break,” said the other.
“Well, umm hello? It’s a fricking glass window!”
“Whatever, let-ts just find the f-files and get o-out of here.”
“You are right the sooner the better we can kill (p/l/n)

They start making their way towards me so I hurriedly run quickly slowly to my parent's room. Even though they treat me like I don’t exist doesn’t mean that I don’t care for their well being.

I tiptoe to their room but once I stepped down I made the floor creak.

Mentally I cursed at myself for being stupid. Now I’m gonna die.

“Who’s there?”
“She’s still here?”
“Didn’t you poison the pizza?”
“I thought you did it.”

They both growl and start running up I run into my parent's room lock the door and go into the closet. I lock the door and look for my mother’s pink shoes on a black box. Once I do I push them down and a door opens.

When I was younger my parents knew that their job was dangerous so when things got serious they showed me a safe room so I can hide and be safe. I go inside the door and it closes behind me. Once inside the room, I go down a slide which takes me to the safe room.

I run into a room and get a black hard drive. I open up a computer and start transferring all my families information, work, history everything on to it. Whatever these guys want it has to do with my family’s work.

Once all was downloaded I heard a crash.

I move quickly and lock the door. I out of all the rooms here this one was the most important one.

I put the black hard drive inside a little pocket that I have in my bra. With that done I go ahead and grab a rock that was there for decoration. I open the door slightly just enough to have my arm through it.

“She went inside h-ere.”
“Man, do you think she’s working from them?”
“I du-nno.”

I throw a rock across the room so that they can stupidly follow the noise. To my surprise instead of walking towards the sound, they came to the room that I was in. I don’t exactly remember how it all happened but the last thing I do know is that the pizza delivery guy had a needle with some type of liquid in it and injected me with it. That’s when everything went black

Well umm, I hoped you liked this. I wanted to start in a Masky X Reader fanfic after I was done with my last fanfic. If you are new though feel free to read my previous story called Heartbeat.

Anyways, luv you all stay weird. <3 :)
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