The Wanderer #2

The Wanderer #2

Falla had no future intell she receved a letter of invitation to the star system. Now with new found purpose and a new friend Gallus the star wolf, she's off to descover her future and more importantly her past.

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Charge...Falla's Plan

Charge...Falla's Plan

Before Smelos could answer her back with a clever remark of his own, they were both interupted by a fierce howl. Smelos's face contorted in a mixture of fear and rage. "He's escaped," he snarled
Gallus leaped on top of the cart howling in triumph. He snarled down at Smelos "you!"
Of course Smelos wasn't a star spirit so he just herd Gallus growl, but that was enough for him. "So" smellos said grinning feircely "you escaped did you?" He olnly had seconds to grab his staff before Gallus lunged.
Falla had stared at the wolf with awe immediately registering what it was. "A star spirit," She mentally gasped, "can it be?" Whe watched it lunge at Smelos. Star spirits the most beautiful creatures in the multi-verse, and she saw one before her very eyes.
the man and the wolf were now fighting on the cart top. "No wait stop," she cried hovering up on her copper board. She yelled at Smelos again "stop!" "You cant hurt it!"  Smellos had backed Gallus into a corner there was nowhere left to go. Smellos took his staff and cracked it over Gallus's head. The wolf wimpered trying to escape but his previous encounter with the cage bars had drained him of energy. "You don't understand girl"... Smellos paused to hit the wolf again this time extracting a wimper from the girl as well. "These creatures are the gardians of stars they mean to rid the multi-verse of us."    
Falla couldnt just let this happen. She got an idea. Falla zipped down on her copper board to the ponifishes. They were clearly afraid. Thier natural rozy glow was almost nonexistant and they were bucking like crazy. Falla wasn't afraid she slipped her hand under her shirt and brought out a neckace. Ot was gold with blue crystals attached to it. She placed it on one of the ponifish's forhead. She immediately had her brain bombarded by images and one word. "Escape" the ponifish thought.
"No" Falla's brain told it, "Help"
"Help and I will let you out"
"Humans lie"
"No I swear it"
"I will let you out right now but you have to charge the bad man"
"Both of us"
All Falla had to do was loosen the straps and both ponifish charged Smelos. "Wolf duck!" Falla hollored. She only hoped he got the message.
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