HEY as you can tell from the title this is a Hetalia Highschool.There will be DRAMA(obviously I mean it IS highschool),LOVE,RIVALRY,REUNITING,AND MUCH MUCH MORE!You can send in OCs too but 2 per person.Okay?Rose Out! (Main characters:Alice(Fiji),Francis,(France)Ludwig(Germany),Nah'zae(Jordan),Gilbert(Prussia),Reanna(Brazil),Matthew(Canada[maybe]),Ivan(Russia[Maybe])

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Chapter 1.

xX The first day Xx

               xX The first day Xx
Alice’s pov
I walked up to the school gates marveling in the beauty of the school. I checked the letter I had received. “Yep this is the place.” I said to no one in particular. Paying no attention to my surroundings I bumped into some one and fell on my butt. When I looked up I saw a boy about my age with beautiful electric blue eyes and slicked back blonde hair .He held his hand out to help me up I accepted  “I’m sorry.I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”I apologized. “Don’t  vorry  it’s okay” He said in a thick german accent. “I’m Alice by the way” I said “I’m Ludwig” He responded . We walked together to the entrance ceremony. “This is the start of a beautiful friendship.Or something else” I thought to myself.
_________________________________________________________later_________________________________________________________ After the entrance ceremony I walked to the back of the school to take some time alone to draw.As I started to draw I noticed that someone was standing behind me.I turned around to see a man with long blonde hair almost like that of a girl staring at me . Clearly taken aback he spoke up “I’m sorry I was just admiring your art and your beauty.”
I blushed “Really it’s nothing.And I’m really not beautiful.”I said back
“Mais tu es Belle”He said back.
“No I’m really not”I replied.The only reason I know french is because me and my dad took a trip to France for a week.I made a really good friend there his name was Francis and I hoped to see him again in the future.As I started to get up I left a note on the ground it read ‘I’m Alice Johnson by the way.See you tomorrow!’
He picked up the note read it and realized something."Alice It's me Francis!!"He yelled back before I got to far away.I was shocked I ran back and hugged him he hugged me back."It's been too long like 10 years!"I said still hugging him.
"I know we've got some catching up to do."He replied
"We'll do that tomorrow I have to go somewhere.Bye!"I said pulling away from the hug and going off somewhere.
Sorry this is so short but yeah I will take SOME OCs this is the info I will need:
Country they represent:
Clothes for their first day:
Love intrest:
Siblings(If any):
Favorite song:
Favorite Movie:
Body type:
Hair color and style:
Anything else you think I should know:
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